How Make a Fortune, Earn Respect, and Achieve Success Coaching

Want to make a fortune, earn respect, and achieve success coaching clients? What coach doesn't? Most people go in to coaching to help people. However, most coaches cannot deny that thoughts of financial rewards dance around in their heads now and then. Besides financial gain, who wouldn't strive for respect and success coaching? The trifecta of coaching – financial reward, respect, and career success. All because you have a strong desire to help other people achieve their goals and dreams. But, … [Read more...]

Winning and Success Coaching

It would seem that winning and success coaching should go hand in hand, right? Well, perhaps, perhaps not. Does winning equal success, or can success be measured in some other way? If you think of winning as merely a competition against someone else, than winning is success in that one competition. If you cheat to win, do you really win? Once again, perhaps or perhaps not. Did Mark McGwire break the single season home run record. Yes, he did. Did Barry Bonds break McGwire's record? Yes he … [Read more...]