Setting Life Coach Fees For Maximum Profit

To ensure the most profitable life coaching business, how should you determine your life coach fees? Should you charge the highest fees so you can get the most out of each client? Or, should you charge the lowest fees to get the most clients? Coaching fees Too High? Charging the highest fees may seem like the smartest choice, but before you start charging astronomical fees, it is wise to take a few moments to reflect on this decision. Are you new to the life coaching business – if so, charging … [Read more...]

Help! I Don’t Know What My Life Coach Fees Should Be!

If you are just starting out in the life coaching business, you might be wondering how much your life coach fees should be. Well, read on for a little help determining the correct life coach fees for your practice. When you start out as a coach, the emphasis should be on the accumulation of coaching experience, with the dollar amount of you fees taking a back seat to this experience. Of course, you don’t have to give away your services while you gain the needed experience. However, … [Read more...]