Why Get a Career Coach Certification?

Here is an important question for coaches: why get a career coach certification? Great question – glad you asked! Career coaching might be one of the better kept secrets in the coaching world. When people think of coaches, they usually think of sports coaches, life coaches, and wellness coaches, not career coaches. But, if you want to get into a hot field, career coaching is just the ticket and a career coach certification is the perfect starting point. Career coaching is definitely a … [Read more...]

Should You Have a Career Coach Certification?

A career coach certification means that a coach has met certain requirements set down by different governing bodies and organizations. The principle coaching body is the ICF (International Coach Federation), but there are many others that have specific rules and requirements to earn a certification. What Does a Career Coach Certification Mean? It means that you are certified. Does it mean that you are a good coach? Hell no, you could have ten career coach certifications and still be a crappy … [Read more...]