Boost Your Self Efficacy with Coaching and Positive Psychology

Seldom do we initially start out developing our self efficacy with coaching and positive psychology. Our lives take on the roles we are given during our socialization or upbringing. Along the way we pick up our morals, values, stereotypes, prejudices and biases towards people, places and experiences of those interactions.

Somewhere along the road to adulthood we picked up a self concept and a belief system or the psychology that you are good at certain activities or not. The degree of your belief in yourself and your ability to successfully perform certain activities is what determines your level of self efficacy…essentially, the positive beliefs of one’s self to perform an activity! Coaching and positive psychology enhances your belief system and is followed up with additional coaching on a varity of activities to reinforce these beliefs.

Coaching and Positive Psychology Center You Locus of Control

The great thing about being coached and positive psychology is that no matter your level of self efficacy, you can grow from where you are currently. First things first, what is your locus of control? Coaching and positive psychology helps to identify who is in control of your life, you or other people?

Locus of control is sort of a figurative concept. It identifies where a person places responsibility for events in their lives. There are two types of locus of control, internal and external. If a person believes they are in control of their lives then they have an internal locus of control. However, if they believe that things are beyond their control or their life is predetermined this is an example of external locus of control.

Change Begins in Language, Take Control of Your Life

One of the fastest ways to boost your self confidence is through coaching and positive psychology. We focus on visualization and self talk. The quickest way to increase your self efficacy is to visualize yourself successfully engaging in fun, exciting and healthy behaviors or activities. Create a new self image of what your life would be like, who you would become and how this would make you feel.

Self talk increases your confidence by countering any self defeating thought patterns by replacing them with positive or realistic thoughts. I am a strong and capable man or woman. I am a person of character that always keeps their word. I do follow through on my commitments. This is how we change lives!

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Mark Rabbitt
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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    Great post and I really appreciated what you pointed out about change beginning when you take control of your language. Positive self talk really is so important and we need to learn how to use it to get our minds to where they need to be. Great point and information.

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