Are Career Coaches Worth it or Not?

Are career coaches worth it or are they a waste of money? Do you really need a career coach to find out what career choices you should make?

Are Career Coaches Worth It?

The short version of the story is YES. Career coaches are definitely worth the time and money.

The longer version of the story is still a YES, but with some explanations. It’s no secret that the job market is very competitive. It’s no secret that there are millions of people out of work in the United States.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of unemployed persons is 9.5 million. Also, the number of people who work part-time for economic reasons (also called involuntary part-time workers) is 7.5 million. Add to these numbers, millions who are not seeking employment at this time and don’t even count in the unemployment statistics.

Are you still wondering if career coaches are worth it? If you think that all you need to do is send in a resume to secure a job, it’s probably time you invested some money in a career coach.

A survey in 2012 by the International Coach Federation (ICF) found that there were 47,500 career coaches in the world and almost two-thirds of them reported an increase in clients in the previous year. Though economies around the world are better, the job market is still tight and more and more people are realizing the benefits of using a career coach.

The Benefits of Using a Career Coach

Are career coaches worth it? This list of benefits may help you figure out the answer:

  • Help clarify your current job situation
  • Help determine your needs.
  • Help you discover what you want to do.
  • Help you discover new skills and talents
  • Help you find ways to learn new skills.
  • Help you identify and leverage your strengths.
  • Help you design a career path.
  • Help you overcome obstacles, both mentally and professionally.
  • Help you gain a competitive advantage.
  • Help you avoid previous mistakes.
  • Help you recognize your life and career passions.
  • Inspire and motivate you to become who you want to be.

Should You Use a Career Coach?

What do you think now? Are career coaches worth it? Would it be worth it to spend some of your hard-earned money and invest some of your limited time to get with a career coach who can help you find your best career path?

A career coach can help everyone who is of working age. People who are working in a job they dislike could use the help of a career coach. People who are out of work could use a coach to help them get back in the job market. Even people who love their work may one day need the service of a career counselor.

So, even those people who have a job and love that job may one day need some career help. No one knows what’s going to happen to their jobs and their careers. Companies downsize or go out of business every day.

One day you have a great job that you love…and…the next day it has disappeared. That’s the reality of today’s employment environment.

Finally – Are Career Coaches Worth It or Not?

The answer of course is YES.

Are career coaches worth it or not? If you hate your job, desperately need a job, want to change your career path, or are interested in finding a career passion, then career coaches are definitely worth it.

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  1. Sherill says

    I do agree that career coaches are worth having. We don’t all know what exactly we want for our careers and if we have an idea, we don’t exactly know what job we should apply for. Having a career coach will benefit us, as here is someone who can assess our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and guide us to the path towards fulfilling our career goals.

  2. Katrina says

    Yes, they are worth it. Look at career coaches as investments for our future. Having one will truly benefit us.

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