Acing Your Job Interview with these Career Coach Interview Questions

Hopefully in your career coaching practice you are working with your clients on career coach interview questions. These are questions that a job applicant can ask an interviewer that will make them sound more articulate, more educated, and more interested in the job.

Career Coach
Career Coach

Practice Both Answers and Questions with Your Career Coach Clients

A career coach can help clients identify goals, prepare for an interview, help clients get to know themselves better, and create a plan for achieving both short-term and long-term career goals. Career coaches can work on interviewing skills – helping clients prepare for possible questions from the interviewer and how to think quickly when facing a strange or outside the box question. The more prepared the applicant, the better chance they have at landing their dream job!

However, it is also wise for a career coach to work on career coach interview questions with the client. These are questions that the applicant can pose during the interview that may increase their chances of standing out from the masses and nailing the interview.

6 Career Coach Interview Questions to Use in a Career Coaching Session

Asking the right questions will make the job applicant sound more prepared and genuinely interested in working for a company. Working with your clients on these career coach interview questions will better prepare them for sometimes grueling interviews. You’ll be providing more value to them, and when you provide more value, you’ll get more return clients and a better reputation!

Here are 6 career coach interview questions to work on with your clients:

  • Can you give me more information on the position’s responsibilities? This questions shows a genuine interest in the job, and puts emphasis on what you will be doing for the company.
  • What is the quickest way to become a strong contributor within the company? This will emphasize your desire to stay with the company and become an integral part of its success.
  • How will my performance be evaluated and how often will this evaluation take place? This question can be a bit tricky depending on the attitude of the interviewer, but it shows that you are ready to take on the challenge of this new position.
  • What makes you think I will be successful in the position? This focuses their attention on your strengths and gives them more opportunity to consider your value to the company.
  • Where are we in the hiring process and what step do we take next? This portrays confidence and shows that you are ready to go! Don’t say this one with too much confidence that it borders on arrogance. This one career coach interview question should be practiced over and over again so you can say it with the right amount of humility – let the words show confidence, not the tone.
  • May I get back in touch with you at a certain point in time if I don’t hear back from you? This question shows a certain level of engagement and interest.

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    Since a lot of people would be interested in this, coaching about this could really be good for the coach. Great article Fred!

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