A Niche for You – Career Coach for Recent College Grads

Think becoming a career coach for recent college grads is a good move for your career? You might be right. It might be a good niche to become a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

Career Coach
Career Coach

Why Career Coaches are Needed For College Graduates

According to the Wall Street Journal, about 284,000 Americans with college degrees were working for minimum wage ins 2012. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that only 27 percent of the jobs in the United States require a college degree (associates degree or higher), yet a survey from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 47 percent of workers possess a college degree. That’s plenty of competition for the good-paying jobs.

It gets even worse; the BLS predicts that by 2022, only 23 percent of jobs will require a college degree. Though this data only serves only as a prediction, it does point out the potential problems facing recent college grads – there will be fierce competition for jobs that pay well!

The Target Market for a Career Coach for Recent College Grads

There are well over a million college graduates each year. Though the job market has opened up somewhat since the dark days of the recession in 2008 and 2009, there are still millions of people looking for well-paying jobs. Of those millions, many are recent college grads – that is your target market!

Career Coaches are the Latest Trend for College Grads

In the past, career coaches were usually hired by executives, managers, or employees who were stuck in a rut in the middle of their careers. But, all that has changed – everyone is now a potential customer for a career coach. Career coaching for recent college grads just takes this trend to a new market. Being a career coach for recent college grads is like finding the perfect wave and riding it all the way in!

What Can a Career Coach for Recent College Grads Provide?

There are many services that career coaches offer, and these can all be applied to recent college graduates. Here are a few things which a career coach for recent college grads can offer;

  • How to prepare for an interview – research, practice, and patience.
  • How to dress properly for an interview.
  • How to act in an interview, and how to answer questions, even those that are the most ridiculous and difficult.
  • How to write a business letter.
  • How to write a resume.
  • How to prepare for an act in a business meeting after getting the job.
  • How to look for the job you want.
  • How to plan the trajectory of your career and prepare for the future.

Can you provide these services for recent graduates? Do you have a passion for helping people find their dream job and reach their goals? Do you think you can offer positive outcomes that will help people find their way in the job market and begin their careers? If so, you should seriously consider becoming a career coach for recent college grads.

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