A Career Aptitude For Coaches

A career aptitude test is the perfect coaching tool for coaches in all areas of the industry to use in the practices. Effective career aptitude tests will help identify your talents, passions, likes, skills, hobbies, personality traits, and innate abilities.

Career Coach
Career Coach

Why Career Assessments Are Great Tools for Coaches

Career assessments help individuals understand how a blend of personal attributes – preferences, values, abilities, motivations, and skills – impact potential success, goal achievement, quality of life, and professional and personal satisfaction. Using a career aptitude test has played a critical role in career development, and these tests have been used by career counselors, human resource managers, and guidance counselors for many years.

These career assessment tests also serve as a powerful tool for coaches. From life coaches to executive coaches, the use of a career aptitude test is one of the best ways to help clients find life and work success, satisfaction, and contentment.

Career Aptitude Assessments Won’t find the Perfect Job

Even the best test administered by the best coach won’t find the perfect job for a client. A career aptitude test is merely an assessment, or a guide to what career paths might have the possibility of greater success and happiness given specific personal attributes.

Letting a Coach Help With Career Assessment is Better

There are no right or wrong answers on a career assessment test. That’s why it’s important to be honest on the test, and that’s why they are a great tool for coaches. Clients who spend money on a coach are usually going to be at least mostly honest; after all, they are paying money out of their own pockets to find solutions and outcomes.

When a coach administers a career assessment test instead of an individual taking it on their own, the likelihood for fewer false assumptions and honest answers is greater. Individuals are more likely to be honest when they are paying money to find outcomes essential to their success and happiness in life.

A Sample Career Assessment Test

You can find many examples of career assessment tests online. You can use examples to create one that fits your practice and works with your clients. Here’s a brief outline of a career aptitude test that can be used in any type of coaching practice.

  1. Skills – includes communication, mechanical, physical, mathematical, logical, ability to manage, ability to lead, and ability to focus.
  2. Interests – includes things such as marketing, business, computers, medicine, cooking, law, and science.
  3. Style – includes various personality traits, such as attention to detail integrity, honesty, dependability, adaptability, analytical thinking, and leadership.
  4. Values – includes relationships, independence, achievement, and more.

The test should also include categories such as:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Things the client has a desire to learn.
  • Their idea work environment

Some career tests take the format of comparing answers to find what career choice might make someone the happiest. For example:

  • I would rather be a artist or an accountant?
  • I would rather be an electrician or a sales rep?
  • I would rather be a musician or a business owner?

These are rather simplistic, but a series of similar questions might narrow down the interests of a client when the client is unsure of what career path they would like to take.

There is no one career aptitude test that is ideal. Coaches should have a few different ones in their toolbox. The more tools you have, and the better you are able to use them, the more outcomes you will be able to find for your clients.

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