7 Things to Know Before You Become a Certified Career Coach

D0 you want to become a certified career coach? Do you want to help people achieve their career goals and dreams? It’s a noble goal and one that offers the potential for personal satisfaction and financial rewards. But, before you make the move, there are a few things to consider.

Become a Certified Career Coach
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A Tough Job Market is Good for Career Coaches

Though the job market is much better than it was a few years ago, it’s still highly competitive and complicated. But, that’s good for career coaches. Individuals need more than just a good resume to get the job they want They also need confidence, encouragement, insight, information, and inspiration. A certified career coach can help with all of that.

7 Things to Know Before You Become a Certified Career Coach

Here are a few things to consider before you start your journey to becoming a certified career coach.

Are You a Career Coach?

It helps to do a little self-analysis before you embark on your career coaching journey. Do you have the traits and needed to become a coach? Are you willing to work hard, learn the needed skills, and continue your education for as long as you coach? Make sure you have the right stuff for the job!

  1. Budget Some Money for Your Career.
    You can become a coach with little investment, but it is important to have some saved up – for training, professional development, building a website, renting an office, networking, and marketing.
  2. Be Patient.
    Building a professional practice takes time. Clients won’t be knocking down your door or falling out of the sky on the first day you become a certified career coach. Overnight success is not something you usually see in the coaching profession!
  3. Remember the Certification
    Though there is no legal requirement for you to be certified, in the highly competitive coaching industry, certification is almost essential. Get trained from a reputable coaching school, preferably one accredited by the International Coach Federation or other governing body, and earn your certification.
  4. Be Prepared to Work for Free
    You won’t necessarily have to give away coaching sessions for free, but you should be prepared to give away knowledge for free. Giving away free information is an effective form of marketing when you become a certified career coach – on your website, through an email newsletter, or when speaking to community groups.
  5. Lean to Say No
    Though you will give away free information, you should also know when to say “No.” People will always be asking for free advice, and there are times when it’s beneficial to give it to them, but using “no” can stop people from taking advantage of you. After all, this is your livelihood!
  6. Look for a Niche
    Having a niche isn’t absolutely necessary for success, but it can be a way to separate yourself from the growing pool of career coaches. Figure out what group you enjoy working with and what group for whom you can help find desirable outcomes, and define your niche. When you become a certified career coach, it is often better to be a large fish in a small pond instead of a small fish swimming aimlessly in a very large pond!

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  1. Joseph says

    I like reading up on how to become a coach and all the tips, but focusing on one coaching style is really beneficial too. Looking forward to more of your work, Fred!

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