7 Marketing Steps to Starting a Life Coaching Business

There are several key steps to starting a life coaching business that need to be followed if you want to be successful. Many of them you have heard over and over again – get certified, get mentor coaching, learn how to start a business, and learn the skills of inquiry and active listening. All much needed steps.

Life Coaching Business

However, there are a few others steps to starting a life coaching business that are crucial if you want to succeed. They all involve marketing. Yes, that dirty word – marketing. Make it those two dirty words – marketing and promotion.

Marketing and Promotion are Not Dirty Words

You may not like to market and sell. If not, you are not alone. Those that love it usually excel at it. Those that hate it, usually avoid it like a root canal. But, marketing and promotion are absolutely necessary for any successful business. You can take all the steps to starting a life coaching business you want, but if you fail to concentrate on marketing strategy, your chances of success are about as good as the Cubs have each year of winning the World Series.

7 Steps to Starting a Life Coaching Business

You may get certified as a coach, you may call yourself a coach, but you aren’t a coach without clients. Here are a few steps to help obtain and retain clients.

Define Your Target Audience. Identifying your target audience will help you create a niche. Starting and completing this step before you hang out your coaching shingle will give you a niche and show you the target market you’ll be coaching.

Create a plan to coach your target market. You must develop a strategy that will provide outcomes your target market seeks. They come to you for results – you must have a plan to achieve these results. This may not sound like a marketing step, but your plan and strategy will be part of your promotional campaign.

Design a promotional and marketing strategy. This is where you determine how you reach your target market. Do you focus your efforts online, through networks, or by advertising. What type of ads do you create? What should your website look like? What type of email campaign do you need? These are vital questions for your business – you may want to think about hiring a specialist to guide you through the process.

Learn to delegate tasks. If you hate marketing, your best bet may be to hire someone to market for you. This could be a one-time thing, an on-going relationship, or perhaps an employee. With someone else doing the promotional work, you can focus on life coaching.

Learn alternate ways to market. You can book speaking engagements or give volunteer coaching sessions. Just by showing up at an event, you are promoting your business. There are plenty of alternative ways to obtain clients – think outside that proverbial box.

Though you may hire someone to do the promotional work, it is still important that you learn how to sell. At some point you will have to ask clients for business. Perhaps part of your marketing campaign is to offer a free session or a free ebook. Some time during the session, you will have to promote your services and ask for their business. Somewhere in that ebook you will need to make a pitch to get the reader’s business. No list of steps to starting a life coaching business is complete without one imploring you to learn how to sell.

The Most Important Step to Starting a Life Coaching Business

You are a coach and coaching is a people business…right? Well, here is a bonus step to starting a life coaching business. Be a person. That’s right…be a person. Don’t be a business – be a person. People who are seeking the services of a coach, don’t want to think of you as a business or a service provider, they want to think of you as a person. An individual who can help them reach their goals and dreams.

When you market and promote, do it as a person, not as a business. Of all the steps to starting a life coaching business, this may be the most important.

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  1. Katrina says

    Great steps for the new life coach to follow for a successful business. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hanna says

    It is not enough that you are a good coach to have a successful career in coaching. One needs to have a know how in the business and knowing how to market and promote your business is equally important in life coaching. These steps that you have shared show just that. A must read for all new life coaches.

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