6 Things to Know Before You Get a Career Coach Certificate

A career coach certificate will help you get your foot in the door to an exciting and dynamic career – helping others find their ultimate careers!

Career Coach

Stop –Before You Get a Career Coach Certificate

But, before you work on obtaining your career coach certification, there are a few things you should know about having a career as a career coach. Look before you leap – the old expression goes, so here is something to look at before you take that leap into career coaching.

6 Things to Know Before You Get a Career Coach Certificate

  • You will not be a resume creator. You won’t be spending your time writing resumes for your clients. You may help them with their resumes, but that’s definitely not what you will be working on during a coaching session.
  • You will not find jobs for your clients. You won’t be using your contacts to help clients find employment. There are agencies and counselors who can do that – your job is much different and much more important!
  • You need to be able to offer your clients insight, inspiration, confidence, and knowledge. Do you think you can do that? If you aren’t confident in your own skills, you might not want to obtain a career coach certificate and pursue a career as a career coach!
  • Can you offer honesty and empathy to your clients? You have to be honest about their career possibilities and prospects. You have to be honest about what they need to do to improve their career possibilities and prospects. Do you also have empathy for others? Can you feel what they are feeling? Can you put yourself in their shoes for a moment in order to help them? Honesty and empathy are two qualities that coaches must have!
  • Your training is never finished! When you finish your training and you receive a career coach certificate, you are certainly not done with your education. For all coaches, education is a lifelong pursuit. Keeping updated with new trends and skills in the industry is crucial to your continuing success as a coach. Are you ready to be a lifelong student?
  • Are you ready to help others succeed? As a career coach, you will play a important part of your clients’ successes. If you can find joy in the success of others, then you might be a perfect fit for coaching!

Coaching is Powerful and Life-Changing

Coaching is a partnership which empowers individuals to seek and create meaningful change in their lives. Career coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client which motivates, inspires, and supports clients in the pursuit of their career dreams and goals.

Don’t you want to have a powerful and life-changing influence on others? Don’t you want to help change the world – one client at a time? Don’t you want to be a career coach?

Get your career coach certificate and see how much difference you can make in the lives of others!

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  1. Carol Gringe says

    This blog is more about finding the right career coach.I do believe that the five steps outlined here are truly the best ways to ensure your aim. Great!!

  2. Negan says

    If you want to get ahead, you must find someone who understands you, you are comfortable with, and gets your psyche and has the credentials and track record to back him/her up. The only formula!!!

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