5 Facts About Personal Coach Jobs

Personal coaching is hot right now and personal coach jobs offer a great way to enter a dynamic and financially rewarding industry. Before you hop in and get started, there are a few things you should know. Personal coaching jobs are available, but are you ready to be a personal coach? Read on for some valuable information before you make a career move.

5 Facts About Personal Coach Jobs

  1. According to a study in 2009 by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), 90 percent of organizations surveyed used coaches and the study also reports that the poor economy did little to reduce this number. Coaching is very popular and personal coaches are an important segment of the coaching industry. It a growing field that has plenty of demand, but you better be well-prepared.
  2. Coaching is an easy profession to enter, but it can be a difficult one in which to succeed and prosper. It is easy to enter as anyone can call themselves a coach because it is not a regulated industry. Anyone can read a book, watch a webinar, or attend a coaching workshop and declare themselves a coach. However, to be a good, no, a great coach, you need the proper education, and mentoring by a coach that is experienced, certified, and accredited by one of the governing bodies in the industry. Becoming a good and then, great coach takes time, effort, and dedication.
  3. Personal coaches work with all aspects of a client’s life. Personal coach jobs put you in an enviable position to work in many different fields, such as carer coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, wellness coaching, and success coaching. Some clients may be more interested in achieving personal goals while others may be focused on professional goals. As a personal coach, you can help with both segments of a client’s life.
  4. Personal coach jobs are different than counseling jobs. Counselors often work with people who have problems or behavior issues. Coaches may work with people who have problems, but they also work with people who want to sharpen skills, increase performance, or ameliorate some aspect of their lives. Coaches often help people who are already successful to achieve even more in life.
  5. Coaching is a great career choice, however it should not be chosen for the money. You may make great money or you may make a decent salary, but personal coach jobs should be chosen for the love of helping people and working in a dynamic and exciting field. The money will come if you love your work and master your craft. Most coaches don’t get wealthy, but most make a good living, enjoy their work, and are satisfied that they work in a field in which they can help others achieve goals, dreams, and success. Help yourself while you help others – what can possibly be better than that?

Personal coach jobs are a dynamite way to pursue personal success while also aiding others in their own journeys to success. However, coaching takes work – fun, exciting, absolutely rewarding work, but it does take work. Do you have what it takes to make it as a coach? Why don’t you make the move and found out!

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