4 Top Wellness Coach Programs

Wellness coaching is booming and a number of wellness coach programs have popped up to offer certifications for individuals seeking to enter this growing and dynamic field.

Wellness Coach Programs
Wellness Coach Programs

Why Become a Wellness Coach?

The CDC reports that more than 66% of American adults are overweight or obese. In addition to people who are obese or overweight, there are millions of Americans who want to get in better shape or begin learning healthy habits so they can live healthier and longer lives. That’s a large target market!

After completing a wellness coach program and earning your certificate, you will be ready to start a new and prosperous career. There are myriad possibilities on how you can create the career you want.

Career Options for Wellness Coaches

There are several options after earning a wellness coaching certification, though some of these also require a college degree in a similar field.

  • Public health education
  • Corporate wellness coach or coordinator
  • Community health worker
  • Health Coach as part of a Physicians network or HMO
  • Independent health coach

Wellness coach programs give you some of the skills needed to pursue these opportunities. These programs are great at providing you with the foundation for a successful coaching career. These programs are your entry into a dynamic and rewarding career in which you help others find personal happiness and health, and in which you can find your own personal satisfaction and financial success.

4 Top Wellness Coach Programs

There are numerous coaching programs that specialize in health and wellness – it’s easy to do a comprehensive search online. When looking for the right one, do your due diligence on a program’s cost, requirements, reputation, and design. You want one that is a perfect fit for your budget, schedule, learning strengths, and specific areas of interest (if you have any).

Here are a few details on 4 of the top wellness coach programs

  • National Society of Coaches (NSHC). This certification is only provided to licensed and credentialed healthcare professionals. Physicians, physician assistants nurse practitioners, certified athletic trainers, registered dieticians, and other similar professionals can seek out this certification.
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE). This is a great certification for those individuals who are interested in exercise or who want to integrate fitness strategies into the lives of their clients.
  • Dr. Sears Wellness Institute – the L.E.A.N. Group LLC. This provides students with a certification and the skills and knowledge needed to use the L.E.A.N. system in their health coaching practice. A few different programs are available for specialization, including family coach, adults and seniors coach, and pregnant and nursing moms coach.
  • Wellcoaches School of Coaching – Since 2002, this program has been offering coaching, training, certification, and support for individuals seeking to become innovative and successful wellness coaches. With a program that has been developed over several years, they offer a gold-standard foundation for a successful career in health coaching.

If you have a sincere interest in health coaching, and are willing to work hard, pursue continuing education, and be dedicated to helping clients achieve their health goals, then one of these wellness coach programs is a great place to start you career.

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