4 Successful Secrets to Success Coaching

There are secrets to success coaching that will improve your chances of making it in a competitive business. Whether you become a success coach within the framework of a business coach or a life coach, success coaching is booming. You don’t have to change who you are as a coach, you can just add success coaching to your existing practice.

Success Coaching
Success Coaching

Why Call Yourself a Success Coach

Not that many coaches call themselves a success coach – most use success coaching as part of their coaching practice – life, business, or executive. It’s can give you a name, a brand, a little something extra when promoting your services. Being a success coach gives you a certain extra flare – a je ne sais quo that will attract more clients to your practice. After all, who doesn’t want to be successful? Potential clients will see your ad – John Doe, Life Coach and Success Coach. It gives them an extra reason to check out your coaching services.

4 Successful Secrets to Success Coaching

There are a few inside secrets to success coaching that may give you a competitive advantage when vying for clients. These secrets work for both business and personal clients, and give you a way to differentiate yourself from coaches who aren’t claiming to be success coaches. Keep these secrets in mind and you’ll be on your way to successful coaching and a very long career in the industry.

  • Success coaching is educational and involves the gathering of knowledge. If you are going to be a success coach, you better be armed with skills, knowledge, and information on what it means to be successful and how best to achieve success.
  • One of the secrets to success coaching that really isn’t much of a secret is that it is a process. All coaching is a process and coaching for success is no different. During the process, the client, with help from the coach, defines goals, and then works toward the realization of those goals. For success coaching, the process is entirely focused on success for each step along the way.
  • Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Some people think of this as luck or serendipity, but it is the foundation of success. Your success coaching practice should focus on these two related concepts – identify opportunities (these could be goals), and then create an action plan that prepares the client to meet the opportunity.
  • Coach optimism. Yes, the real world can sometimes be brutal. Yes, everyone fails. Yes, it sometimes sucks to be you…or them. But, optimism breeds success. Clients will probably miss their opportunities and fail to properly prepare if they are moping around all day saying, “woe is me.” Coaching optimism is a critical part of coaching clients to be successful.

Become a Successful Success Coach

These secrets to success coaching success aren’t really that secret. Most coaches already apply some of these methods in their coaching practices. But, if you want to be a success coach, and especially if you want to be a successful success coach, these four “secrets” are essential.

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  1. Patricia Verey says

    Coach optimism can be a very vital part here because without optimism it’s hard to help others to strive for success.

  2. Becky says

    Awesome! Been feeling lost lately and reading up on these tips helped me a lot, thanks!

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