4 Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Imagine if some of your past bosses had been taught career coaching skills for supervisors. Do you think that would have made a difference in the way the company was run? Or in the profitability and success of the company? Do you think career coaching skills for supervisors would have helped make the company run better and created a more efficient and content workforce?

Supervisors are Not Coaches…or Are They?

We don’t usually think of supervisors as coaches; supervisors are the bosses – they implement strategy, oversee the running of a company, and make decisions on hiring and firing. They don’t need coaching skills, do they? They don’t coach people, do they?

What if supervisors could also act as coaches? In a business world that is becoming more global and competitive, coaching is becoming an essential part of a successful company. Many companies are now hiring coaches to work with their managers, supervisors, and employees. But, what if the company bosses had the career coaching skills for supervisors that would allow them to coach the workforce? Might be cheaper and more efficient!

4 Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Help employees handle problems and challenges. Coaches do this all the time with their clients. Employees face challenges and problems every day in their work environment. A good supervisor will take on the role of a coach and help employees work through problems and learn the skills to solve future issues as they arise.

Help employees set personal and tam goals. This is the wheelhouse of a coach – identifying goals and then creating road maps to reach those goals. But, companies have goals, also – a good supervisor can work with employees to identify company and personal goals and then work on strategy to reach those goals. This will benefit both the employee and the company.

Help employees find the right position for them within a company. Career coaches help their clients find the best career path. Supervisors can do this, too. Making sure the employee is happy and working in the right job benefits the company’s bottom line – and the bottom line is exactly what the supervisor needs to be worried about!

The last career coaching skill for supervisors is to motivate and inspire employees. This requires a special set of skills as everyone has different triggers that motivate and inspire. This is one of the most difficult parts of coaching, and it is also one of the toughest parts of being a supervisor. Most supervisors would benefit from taking a few coaching courses that specifically deal with motivation and inspiration. Putting those skills to work within the framework of the company is bound to benefit the company’s bottom line!

Yes – A Supervisor Can Also be a Coach

So – do supervisors need coaching skills? If they want to maximize their potential as supervisors, they certainly do. Bringing some career coaching skills for supervisors into the work place will benefit everyone – the employees, the supervisors, and the company!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Ria Curtis says

    Yes, I agree that it would be in the best interest of the company for their supervisors to have coaching skills. An effective boss knows the strengths/talents of each employee and work with each one to achieve the goal.

  2. Lea Cortez says

    The four career coaching skills discussed here are spot on! Every supervisor/boss should possess these skills!

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