3 Ways to Find the Best Articles About Career Coaching

Want to find articles about career coaching? Need more information about this exciting, dynamic, and rewarding career? Or, just want some information on what a career coach does because you are thinking of hiring one?

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Well, finding an article about career coaching is no harder than turning on your computer power switch and putting the words “career coaching” into Google, or whatever search engine you use. You can add any other words or phrases you want, depending on what information you are seeking. You will find thousands of article about career coaching!

How to Select the Right Articles About Career Coaching

Want the best information? Want unbiased information about how to become a career coach? Want truthful information about the coaching industry? Or, perhaps you want the articles that offer the truth about what a career coach does and how career coaching can help you.

The truth is that there is plenty of useless information on the Internet. Much of the online content is only a sales pitch and filled with hyperbole about this coach or that coaching school. So much content offers nothing in the way of useful information.

So, how to you separate the wheat for the chaff? How do you find the gen in the pile of rocks?

Finding Good Information on Career Coaching

The best way to find the information you need to make informed decisions and to find the best articles about career coaching is to read everything with a critical eye. Yes – even read this article with a critical eye for bias and errors?

3 Ways to Find the Best Articles About Career Coaching

  • Consider the source. Is it an article written by a professional? If the article is written by a professional career coach, that’s one of the first signs that it might be valuable to you. Is it posted on a reputable website? If it’s posted on a blog or website that’s been around for a time, and has a solid reputation, this is a good place to start. Is it written well, with good grammar and properly composed sentences? The Internet isn’t filled with perfect academic essays, and no one expects impeccable grammar, but poorly written articles just might be articles that have been re-purposed – articles that have had the wording and phrasing slightly altered to avoid plagiarism.
  • It the article relevant to your needs. You don’t need to know how to become a career coach if you are seeking to hire one. Putting the correct words into Google when you search will help eliminate articles about career coaching that don’t fit you needs.
  • s it only sales hype? Most articles are sales pitches – check out my website, hire me, buy my products, use my services, etc. Most of them have links to a product page or a website – that’s the way the Internet works! But, articles about career coaching with no valuable information may shine a light on who lurks behind the article. Would you rather hire a coach who offers valuable information in an article, or one who only offers sales hype? Would you rather attend a coaching school from a program that only puts out sales information, or one that offers solid articles about coaching?

The Internet contains a world of valuable information, but it is also filled with sales junk – buy me, hire me, and purchase my product now! Finding valuable articles about career coaching is fairly easy, but it takes a critical eye to wade through the sales hype and find exactly what you need.

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  1. Ivan Cabrera says

    One must be able to choose the one that best suit his/her needs and pick a credible one among the hundreds that do not just “hype” and one that provides proper information.

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