3 Coaching Training Activities For Groups

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of coaching training activities. Many of the work great for individuals while others are perfect for group coaching. In this article, we’ll discuss of a few of the top coaching training activities for group coaching.

Coach Training
Coaching Training

Why Use a Coaching Training Activity?

When training coaches, it should be all classroom and lectures. Coaches need knowledge to become good at their craft, but not all knowledge is obtained by reading a book, watching a video, or listening to a mentor coach speak. A great deal of knowledge is also gained by actual coaching, but somewhere in the middle – between listening and doing, there exists coaching training activities.

These activities are also fun, get the imagination flowing, and spur questions for further knowledge. If you are training coaches, include some activities in your training sessions or seminars, and you will reach more coaches, attract more coaches to your training, and build a better reputation and brand.

3 Coaching Training Activities For Groups


Here is one that can be used for both individual and group training, however, it can be plenty of fun within a group setting! Instruct everyone to bring in a piece of electronic equipment. In the class, they will need to teach everyone how to use that piece of equipment by giving clear, step-by-step instructions. Someone has to follow those steps and use the equipment. This method can often expose some gaps in the instruction process, and even though coaches don’t usually tell their clients what to do, they sometimes have to give instructions. This exercise will help coaches understand how important it is to be clear and detailed when providing instruction.

The Wheel of Sales (and Marketing)

All coaches are familiar with the Wheel of Life coaching tool, and this one is just a variation. This can also be done with individual students, but can be fun within a group setting. Coaches often have issues with marketing, but it is a critical part of running a coaching practices and attracting clients. To do this activity, start with a blank wheel, and then get each group participant to name a method of marketing or promotion. Once you have the wheel filled out, you give each participant another blank wheel and have them fill out their own wheel based on the choices from the group wheel. This will provide endless opportunities to talk about different methods of marketing, how they work, how to find the ones that best fits your needs and personality, and why it’s important to consider them all as potential marketing tools.


Here’s one of the most enjoyable coaching training activities – this one will get everyone moving and laughing. Divide the group into teams of three – juggler, coach, and observer (also, this person will retrieve the errant balls). Give the coach instructions on how to juggle, have each group set a goal, and then give them time to achieve that goal. The jugglers will do their best to learn and the coaches will do their best to coach. Then completely switch teams with everyone getting to play each role.

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  1. Jaica Contravida says

    I already tried one of the coaching activities and it is very useful. Love the ideas.

  2. Susan says

    Awesome! Ive been looking into if I should do a group coaching or not, this is really helpful with what I have in mind.

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