How to Become a Financial Coach

Do you like money, cash, dollars, greenbacks, benjamins? Of so, then think about becoming a financial coach. Becoming a financial coach does not mean you will be making piles of cash right away, but it does mean you will be making some good money and working with money. Rember that old Pink Floyd song, Money? “Money…grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. New car, caviar, four-star daydream, think I’ll buy me a football team.” Ok – buying a football team may take some time, but you can probably purchase a new car and even some caviar if you get into the financial coaching game.

You Get to Play With Money as a Financial Coach!

Well, let me clarify, you don’t actually play with money – after all, this isn’t Monopoly. But, you do get to be around money, work with money, and help people earn, save, invest, and increase their money. Becoming a expert in the financial world allows you to be around other people who know and understand money. They know how to make money and invest money so their accounts grow and grow and grow. Just by being around others who can work magic with money, you may learn a thing or two about handling money wisely. You can then impart this wisdom to your clients.

How To Become a Financial Coach

The first step in your financial career is to take an accredited coaching program that specializes in finance. Get certified, get educated, and then you are ready to get experience. Your first experience should be to learn everything you can about the world of finance – this can be done with books, online material, friends, local financial experts, attending seminars, DVDs – anything and everything that can help you learn about the world of finance. With your education and experience you are ready to start your new career.

Next, you need to start building a business. Connect with local business groups, attend meetings and get to know local business people. Look for other places to network such as church groups, investment groups, or other community organizations. Once you have begun networking, you can look for places to speak. Speak at any and all local groups, churches, businesses, or organizations. If they need a speaker or will let you speak, speak! There are many ways to promote and market your coaching business – it is crucial to the success of your business that you explore as many as possible.

The next step should be to harness the power of the Internet. Build a website (or have someone build it for you), get involved in financial forums, read financial blogs, start your own money blog, write article and blogs posts on money, investments, budgeting, or getting out of debt. There are so many possibilities online – a strong presence in cyberspace is one of the most powerful tools in building your coaching business.

If you have a job, you can begin working part-time as a financial coach until you build up a large enough client base to transition into full-time. However, to make it as a full-time financial coach, you must do whatever it takes to get your name out there. Promote and market, and then promote and market some more. You must follow through on your ideas and make it happen. It is a great career, and the rewards, both financially and personally, are bountiful.

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