The Niche of Women Leadership Coaching

Finding the right niche is a crucial component of success in the coaching field, and women leadership coaching is one of those niches that should be given serious consideration…especially if you are a woman!

Why Women’s Leadership Coaching?

We live in a world mostly dominated by men, and a world controlled by hard power. What is hard power? It is the use of money, weapons, threats, and forceful words to gain an advantage, whether we are talking business or the balance of world power. Men are good at hard power.

However, there is an alternate to hard power. Soft power is the use of persuasion, influence, and attraction to achieve the same results as hard power. So, what’s all this talk about hard and soft power have to do with women leadership coaching?

In various psychological studies, the research has shown that women intuitively comprehend the use of persuasion and attraction and are much better at it than men, who tend to gravitate to hard power. Would the world be more peaceful and better off if women were in charge? Perhaps the use of soft power would increase and the use of hard power would become secondary. Perhaps women leaders could save the world from its current path toward self destruction. No – this is not a plea for Hillary Clinton to be elected president. This is a plea for women leaders in business and the world.

Women Leadership Coaching – Making the World a Better Place One Women at a Time

What the understanding of soft power and the intuitive nature of women means to you, the coach, is that the time for more women to become leaders is NOW. It means that the niche of women leadership coaching might just be heating up and it might be time to jump in to that fire!

According to a recent GrantThornton International Business Report , the percentage of women in senior management positions in the United States is low…far lower than one might suspect. It ranked 37th on the list, with 22 percent of senior management positions held by women. Russia was first with 43 percent.

We need to catch up with Russia? Yes, we need to catch up with Russia and the rest of the world when it comes to female executives. Women leadership coaching professionals – here is your opportunity!

According to a World Bank report, in the 60 countries studied for the report, more women than men were studying in universities. Also, since the 1990s, more women than men have been earning bachelor’s degrees in the United States, and 2010 was the first year that women earned more advanced college degrees than men.

Women are on the rise, nationally and globally, and women have to take those degrees and break the glass ceiling; becoming a leadership coach for women may put you in a great position to be a part of this tidal wave of future female executives and leaders.

How to Coach Leadership for Women

A successful women leadership coach would ideally structure their practice to provide:

  • One-one-one coaching
  • Seminar-style coaching
  • Webinars
  • Keynote presentations
  • Free presentations to community and business organizations
  • Workshops

What successful women leadership coaching would achieve:

  • Clearly defined goals for positions of power and leadership
  • A clearly defined leadership path
  • A method to successfully integrate multiple roles
  • The ability to fulfill potential
  • The ability to focus on strengths(soft power) and improve weaknesses (hard power)
  • Become a leader based on who you are – not changing your personality to achieve, but refining your personality to achieve.

The women leadership coaching niche is perfect for the woman who wants to become a leader and a recognized expert in the coaching field. It is a niche with a large target market, it is growing and dynamic, and it just may help save the world!

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Business Coach
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  1. Claire says

    Correct! Woman Leadership Coaching is a great niche to enter. Women are now part of all business and political sectors and coaching in this field can greatly benefit them.

  2. Jocelyn says

    Great post for all those women coaches looking for a niche to enter. Wonderful tips that are very helpful.

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