Why a Life Coach Accreditation is Important

In this highly competitive industry, getting a Life Coach Accreditation can make a significant difference in your coaching career. 

Some may argue that having a coaching credential is unnecessary, so you shouldn’t bother with it. But guess what, nowadays, due to the rapid rise of the life coaching industry, people seek more credentialed coaches to help them. Do you want to take that chance with your career, with losing prospective clients?  If you could become more effective in your field, learning valuable and practical skills that will cause you to stand out from your rivals/competition? Wouldn’t you want to take it? That is what a Life Coach Accreditation or Credential will do for your career. 

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Reasons Why a Life Coach Accreditation is Vital

Although having a coaching accreditation or certification is not mandatory in the coaching field, it does solidify/strengthen your position in the coaching industry. It boosts your reputation as a professional life coach, which will gain you more respect among your colleagues (peers)  and clients. As a credentialed coach, your clients can trust you, just as they would with a licensed therapist, counselor, medical practitioner, or a finance professional who is a certified public accountant and they often may be willing to pay more for the services rendered. As a professional life coach, clients will also be confident that you adhere to the ethics and standards held by whatever coaching organization you are affiliated with, e.g., The International Coach Federation (ICF). A life coach accreditation enables you to acquire valuable skills to effectively help your coaching clients succeed in their personal or professional goals. 

Statistics Supporting Why a Coaching Accreditation Matters

According to an ICF survey, 84% of clients with coaching credentials were “important” or “very important.” What does this mean? It merely indicates that only a handful of clients do not care about certification. This number varies by geographical region. A survey shows that 91% of the Latin American population say that coaching certification is essential.

A survey done by the School of Coaching Mastery states ” 82.8% of professional coaches said that certifications would make them feel more competitive. 76% said that they would sign on more paying clients.”   In addition, recent statistics published by MarketResearch.com reported the “U.S. personal coaching market was worth $1.08 billion in 2017, up 6.5% from the prior year.” Drawing upon estimates published by the International Coach Federation, they also went on to predict that the “total market is forecast to grow at a 5.4% average annual pace, to $1.38 billion by 2022.” 

In the next couple of years, there is going to be a surge in demand for coaching services among baby boomers and millennials, and it is stated that these two groups will want to connect more with coaches who have received coach-specific training and are credentialed. 

In Conclusion…

There will be clients who really don’t care about how many credentials or degrees you have or if you possess a life coach accreditation, but there will most likely be some who are finicky about such things. To avoid explaining why you are not credentialed and lose a prospective client to another life coach who is credentialed, the best thing to do for your career and for your coaching business is to strive to obtain a coaching credential. 

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