What’s a Good Business Coaching Definition?

To figure out a good business coaching definition, it is probably best to break the phrase into its two parts – business and coaching. When we get the definition for each of these, then all we have to do is combine the definitions and we have our answer!

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

What’s the Definition of Business?

This is an easy one, right? It is either someone’s occupation, profession, or trade, or it is an organization that makes a profit by engaging in commerce by selling products or services. Business can be large and multinational, or it can be one individual selling products out of their basement. It can be the sale of products, knowledge, or skill. Mostly, you’ll know it’s a business when you see it!

What’s the Definition of Coaching?

Coaching is a process that enables and facilitates learning and development while allowing for the improve of performance. It supports strengths, talents, and abilities while helping clients overcome obstacles and fears in order to reach goals and dreams.

What is a Business Coaching Definition?

Just look at the preceding two paragraphs and you can create your own business coaching definition. Business coaching is a process that enhances a client’s behavior and performance within the context of business. This can be with the owner of a business, managers within a business structure, or any employees who work for a business. Business coaching can also include working with a team within the framework of a business. Business coaches work with both individuals and teams.

What is a Business Coach?

Now that we have a good business coaching definition, let’s look at a good business coach definition.

Business coaches:

  • Are trained coaches with a background or training in business.
  • Usually have some experience in the business world – experience that can be applied when working with clients.
  • Can help identify and clarify business goals and objectives.
  • Helps clients look at the big picture while paying attention to the small details.
  • Provides candid feedback about strengths, weaknesses, progress, and obstacles.
  • Guides you in gaining business knowledge and enhancing your business skills.
  • Listens, guides, encourages, motivates, supports, and assesses.

A good business coach is not your friend nor your business partner. They are a sounding board, a source of information, an occasional shoulder to cry on, and, though not a business partner, they are a partner in your success.

A Definition of Coaching is Flexible and Evolving

Good coaching almost defies description. The coaching industry is constantly evolving and changing. Good coaches are flexible and adapt to new theories and skills. Good coaches use a process but understand how to mutate that process to fit different needs for different clients.

If you want to compete in a highly dynamic and competitive industry like business coaching, then be prepared to consistently change your business coaching definition. The foundation of your work remains the same, but you are tasked with lifelong learning and the ability to be flexible. If you can’t reevaluate and change the definition of business coaching from time to time, you’ll eventually fall off the bus to profit-town and be left without clients and a steady income!

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    Hey Fred, thanks for sharing your views with everyone. It is essential to get all the training before starting own business.

  2. Nicole says

    Great insights on Business Coaching. To get the real meaning it is indeed best to define each word then combine the two meanings, but like you said its meaning is ever changing and you should be flexible about it.

  3. Greg says

    This is great! I was looking for some definitions about coaching and I came across this article. It really helped me narrow down some points about what kind of coach I would like to be. Thanks!

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