What is the FUEL Success Model of Coaching

A success model of coaching is a framework for success. A coaching model is used by a coach as an underlying structure to their coaching methods. Models are applied by the coach and then shaped by their particular set of tools, talents, and skills.

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Success Model of Coaching

What is the FUEL Success Model of Coaching?

FUEL stand for:


This is where the coach frames the conversation by setting the context and the parameters. Framing means to identify and agree on the purpose, process, and procedure. It also identifies the desired outcomes.

Framing actually brings up another coaching model – FRAME. This stands for:

  • Focus on each interaction.
  • React in a non-judgmental manner
  • Ask though-provoking and open-ended questions.
  • Monitor progress.
  • Encourage continued growth and development.

You can use those five steps of FRAME to implement the first step in the FUEL coaching model. Success models of coaching often overlap and can be used interdependently to foster faster and more comprehensive improvement for your clients.


It is important to understand the current state. This means to clearly comprehend the client’s needs, desires, and point of view. This part of the FUEL success model of coaching is often overlooked when a coach’s ego gets in the way. You may think you understand, but until you use interview and active listening techniques to truly understand a client’s current state, your ability to comprehend the present and maximize the future outcomes will be severely compromised.


Once you have a grasp of the current situation and have framed the conversion, it’s time to explore. Exploring means you should help the client articulate a vision and analyze various paths to the desired outcome. Having fun with the explore part of this success model is part of the magic. The more fun you and the client have, the more various outcomes can be analyzed, dissected, and explored.

Lay Out

This is the part where you help the client create, or lay out, the action plan for success. In this section, you help determine the correct action plan and designate the steps needed to achieve the desire results. You select specific milestones, determine ways to measure success, and provide for accountability.

Which Coaching Mode is Right For You?

This is actually not a question you need to ask. Every coaching model for success can be the right one – if it’s the right situation and the right client. Many coaching models exist, but not all models work for all situations and clients. The beauty of coaching is that there are numerous models to use, and it’s important that you learn as many as you can, and have the flexibility to select the right one for each of your clients.

Ask – which coaching model is right for this client? Ask – which coaching model would be best to help my client reach a desired outcome?

The FUEL success model of coaching is just one of many coaching models, but it’s a good one to learn and have in your coaching toolbox.

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  1. Lynne says

    Yes, I agree that the FUEL Success Model of Coaching is a good model to learn and apply when coaching though it is also good to learn a varied number of models of coaching as different people correspond to different models.
    very informative, thanks!

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