The True Meaning Of The Question “How Do I Become a Life Coach?”

Chances are if you are asking the question “how do I become a life coach?” you already are a coach at some level, or are well on your way to becoming one. Most people who become life coaches have been coaching their friends and family for as long as they can remember. So what does the question “how do I become a life coach?” really mean?

Does “how do I become a life coach” mean “Do I need formal training?”

When someone asks “how do I become a life coach?” it’s often a question about formal training or certification. In studying and mentoring at JTS Advisors, I have met many experienced coaches who chose to go through one of the rigorous eight week immersion courses that are offered. Some did it to learn specific techniques. Some wanted to become part of a community of coaches with a common experience. Some wanted a structured training to fill in perceived gaps in their skills. Some wanted the formal certification to boost their credibility, even though it is not a legal requirement for coaches.

For an inexperienced coach or someone new to coaching, all the same reasons for formal training are valid. But the real answer to “how do I become a life coach” is go and start coaching people. Actually coaching people, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and being on the receiving end of coaching are elements critical to becoming a life coach whose clients get results.

“How do I become a life coach?” can also mean “How do I start a coaching business?”

The other meaning of “how do I become a life coach?” has more to do with the question of how to start or run a successful coaching business, or how to make a living being a coach. Most people who do life coaching enjoy what they do, but if they are asking the question “how do I become a life coach?” chances are they don’t want to do it just as a hobby. So in addition to the coaching skills and mindset they already have, they need to develop a set of business and marketing skills to make coaching viable and sustainable.

Coaching is about clarity around goals, and taking action to achieve them. If you’re asking “how do I become a life coach”, you are already taking the first step. Get coaching and get clear on where you are in your journey and what it is you want to find out. And then you will be able to find the answers you are seeking and take the actions you need to reach your goal of becoming a life coach.

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Dorine G. Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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    Hello Dorine,

    I have to say I really enjoyed how you introduced the concept of life coaching and ran us through the steps and the run meaning of what it is “to become a live coach.

    In a market where jobs are at a premium, I would guess that yours is a much sought after specialty.

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