The Question: “How Can I Become a Life Coach?”

Are you asking yourself the question, “How can I become a life coach?” If that’s the question, here’s the answer.

The Best Answer to the Question, “How Can I Become a Life Coach?”

You can’t become a life coach unless you have a passion for coaching. Coaching is as much a calling as it is a career. If you enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives, you just may have the calling. If you have the calling, you have the first and best answer to that burning question, “How can I become a life coach?” Without the calling, forget about life coaching.

Do you want to take the next step towards answering the question, “How can I become a life coaching professional?” If so, your next move is to get training. Yes, it is possible to hang out a shingle and call yourself a coach. You may have the calling, and you may not be required to have training or certification, but it will be very beneficial to get trained. Now you’re asking, “How can I get trained?”

2 Ways to Get Coaching Training

You can get training in two ways. The first way is to work with a mentor coach. A mentor coach can help you understand the basics of the profession and the mechanics of running your own coaching practice.

The second way to get the proper training is to take courses from an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited training program. The are hundreds of coaching schools, but many of them are not accredited. An ICF accredited school adheres to standards for instructor qualifications, content, and minimum hours. Training at an ICF accredited school will lead to ICF certification.

How Long Does it Take to become a Coach?

Are you asking, “How can I become a life coach in the quickest time and start earning some money?” As you can imagine, the answer to that questions varies greatly. In many cases, you can begin coaching and start earning some income in 3 to 6 months, but it may take 18 months or so to be a full-time coach with full-time pay. Much of your training will be concerned with marketing. To start making money as quickly as possible, you need to pay attention when learning marketing and promotional techniques, strategies, and skills. Without proper training in promotion, you might be struggling for a long time and wonder why you even asked the question, “How can I become a life coach?

How Much Can You Make as a Life Coach?

Coaching is not a get-rich scheme. It takes effort and patience to make a good living. But, a good living is very possible in the industry. A recent study conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, and commissioned by the ICF, discovered that the average yearly salary of a coach was around $82,000. A part-time coach earned around $26,000.

Coaching is a growing profession. More and more people each year are asking the question, “How can I become a life coach?” Though the field is becoming more competitive, there’s still room for you. Jump in now and start your training and you’ll be on your way to a dynamic and profitable career.

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