The Con in Content—What’s Stopping Your Life Coaching Business

How many life coaching businessor marketing get rich quick or self-help programs have you bought? If you are anything like me, then you have bought plenty. Have they worked for you? Most likely not.

What’s The Con?

The con in content is that no matter how great the content is, if you don’t actually do it than you won’t make progress.

Like Jedi Master Yoda of Star War fame said to Luke Skywalker “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.” In other words reading only or trying only will not help it is only in the doing that progress is made and victories are won.

You are never going to change, your clients are never going to change if you don’t get off your butt and start doing what you are learning or know what you are supposed to do. You have to take action. Practice what you preach in your life coaching business.

Why We Don’t Take Action

You’ve learned a lot about growing your life coaching business from plenty of experts and the great content you’ve been reading, but something’s just not clicking. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do. Or maybe there are certain tasks like networking, writing your newsletter, or creating a webinar, that you know you need to do, but you are just not following through on them. This means that you know what to do, but you aren’t doing what you know!

All the content in the world is not going to help you in life, or in your coaching, or in your business. If you don’t take action you will never have a great life coach business.

Take Action And Create a Great Life Coaching Business

Studies show that 90% of what stops us from doing something is fear. Some times that fear is founded and good fear but more likely it is an unfounded fear that is keeping you from taking action to create a great life coach business. It is a fear of how you would feel if you took that action.

If the idea of taking action doesn’t feel good to you, then you need to confront your feelings. You are not going to get anywhere until you conquer those fears. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen to you? Then live it in your mind. Now that wasn’t so bad, and now that you have already gone through it, then the real thing won’t seem so bad.

So don’t let the con in content con you out of taking action and having a great life coaching business. Don’t buy that myth that it is enough to just study the content. What is going to actually help is the doing. Take action today!

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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