Raising Your Life Coaching Fees In A ‘Down’ Economy

Your life coaching fees are dependent on how much value you provide to others.  How much would you pay to increase your income from 10K to 40K per month?  To save your marriage?  To be able to provide a college education for your children?  Everyone has something they really want in life.  When you provide that to others, your coaching and services are priceless.  But how do you get people to pay your fees?

3 Tips To Protecting Your Life Coaching Fees.

1. Protect yourself from competition.  The best way to get people to pay your life coaching fees is to provide a service that no one else can.  Be unique, be the best, and be passionate.  Create a niche that says to potential clients, “We specialize in working with people just like YOU!”  Be the person they must get services from.

2. Choose to thrive instead of survive.  Create and maintain a competitive advantage. Don’t allow yourself to get comfortable.  These days if your business is not growing, it’s dying.

3. Choose to be profitable.  Sure as coaches we want to help others, but you can only do that if you keep your doors open.  Create products and services that you value enough to justify charging your clients.

The Mindset To Success.

As we enter into what some refer to as a period of “economic winter,” your mindset is the number one predictor of your life coaching fees.   In winter, some people huddle up inside and try to stay safe and warm.  Others go skiing or look for adventure.

There is no room for playing it safe in the new economy.  You must prepare yourself for the elements and step out the door in faith; knowing that whatever happens, you will become the person you set out to be in the process.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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