Meditation and Life Coaching – Becoming a Better Coach with Silence

Meditation and life coaching go together like spaghetti and meatballs, bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly – well, you get the picture. Meditation, also known as “silence” has come a long way since the first scientific study on meditation was published in a peer-review journal in 1971. More people are discovering the benefits of daily silence, and more coaches are incorporating it into their practices.

Meditation is Not Just for Clients Anymore

Coaches around the world are advising their clients to use meditation in their daily routines, but are coaches heeding their own advice? Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, they say, and it is finally time coaches begin taking their own advice. Using meditation to start the day might be one of the best things you can do for your life coaching practice.

Meditation and Life Coaching – Will You Become a Super Coach?

There are many reasons that meditation and life coaching go together, but you shouldn’t begin meditating because you think it will make you a super coach. Don’t start meditating because you think it will give you any special super powers – it won’t! You also won’t become a guru of any type; meditation actually creates a mindset that is completely antithetical to believing you are a guru or a super hero!

Why Life Coaches Should Use Meditation to Prepare for a Session

Life coaching and meditation – it’s a perfect combination for achieving goals, both for the coach and the client! Life coaches and meditation – it’s time to prepare for a great day of coaching!

Here are a few compelling reasons why life coaches should begin using meditation to prepare for a coaching session:

  • Meditation helps you still your mind and quiet your thoughts, which is the perfect state to access your inner wisdom.
  • Coaching can be a stressful profession at times – meditation can lower your stress levels.
  • Silence can help reduce or eliminate your mental clutter, and create more time and space for you to be present in the moment.
  • Coaching is about having an open mind – to your client’s wants, needs, and circumstances, and to your own coaching skills, techniques, and flexibility. A quiet mind is an open mind!
  • Meditation improves your ability to pay attention to the moment and take in the environment, the people, the places, and information all around you. Being a leader is about paying attention and processing information – meditation will improve your leadership skills!
  • Use it before you get on the phone or start a face-to-face session with a client to get in the right state of mind – quiet, open, and ready to do the best service you can for every client.

You Can Cheat at Meditation Using Guided Meditations

Sometimes people have trouble meditating – they stare at the wall, the stain on the ceiling, or at the dirt on the window. Their mind wanders, they lose their focus, and they give up far too easily. You can “cheat” by using guiding meditations, which walk you through a meditation and help you find peace and quiet one step at a time. You can find guided meditations specifically for coaches – these are a great way to begin mastering mediation and life coaching.

You tell your clients to do it – now it is time you had your own moments of silence. Meditation will make your day brighter and probably make you a better coach.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. says

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a good thought,
    piece of writing is nice, thats why i have read it fully

  2. Kimberly says

    Great idea! We all need silence in our lives and meditation is the way to do it. I agree that meditating before a coaching session can decrease your stress and help you focus on the next task you are to accomplish.

  3. Karen Ward says

    This is great!! And what a confirmation for me as well. I am putting together a Life Coaching session for several participants, so I decided to be a little more creative and implement meditation at the opening of the class. This really made a lot of sense to me because I thought, how about I assist them in cutting out the constant stream of thinking before we get started with coaching exercise and therefore remove some of the debris and clutter out of there minds. Awesome!!

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