Life Coach Tips To Avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome”

If anyone ever needed life coach tips, it’s now. With all the information and opportunity out there right now, it’s almost impossible to focus on one thing. The worst part of this syndrome is that high achievers are at the greatest risk. Since the key to success is based on the ability to focus, you’ll need a cure for Shiny Object Syndrome.

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny Object Syndrome is the inability to focus on a single task or project in the midst of a sea of other enticing objects. Just like a fish is attracted to a shiny lure, we can be easily attracted to random objects. Some of these things appear to be great opportunities or big problems. In either case, these shiny objects take us off track.

Life Coach Tips To Maintain Focus In the Murky Sea Of Life

One of the most effective life coach tips is stay on track is accountability. Train your coaching clients to commit to actions that will take them closer to their goal, and let nothing come up to stop them. This prevents them from allowing the symptoms of Shiny Object Syndrome that include self talk such as, “I have a better opportunity”, “I didn’t have time because something else came up” or “I have so many great ideas I don’t know where to start.” If nothing else, these consistent steps toward their goals will eventually get them closer to the results they are looking for.

Another of the life coach tips that are effective in protecting your clients from Shiny Object Syndrome is to have them create a compelling vision. There is an old story about three works at a construction site, working at a pile of stones. An observer asked what they were doing. The first workers said he was breaking rocks. The second said he was making a living. The third replied that he was building a cathedral. Vision or sense of purpose is key to staying on course through the enticing obstacles that come up in our lives.

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