Life Coach Books You’ll Love, And a Secret Just For You

Life Coach books are a great resource for expanding your knowledge and creating a vast variety of tools to share with your clients. They don’t mention everything about the life of a coach in these nifty books. I’m here to spill the beans about what you won’t find and share some of my favorites I think you’ll find useful.

Life Coach Books I Keep in Arms Reach

I have my little desk set up with my computer, cell phone, white board, file on each client, plug in head phones and a select few life coach books.

Are you dying to know what they are?

These are the books I often quote and pull commitments from for my clients to work on in between our coaching calls.

  1. NLP For Dummies– This is one of the life coach books that offers a simple, quick comprehensive resource for easy to use NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) techniques. I pull this book out when I’m looking for a new way of approaching a limiting belief, addiction or pattern. It is great bible for different ways of using hypnosis and meditation, when goal setting and accountability is just not cutting it. It’s also a great reminder to take you back to the simple basic goodies you started out with.
  2. Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training– This book presents the essential elements of life coach training in a full and deep content form. It’s very “smarty tarty”. It is written for those of you who like to feel like a professor is leading you through class. If that resonates with you this is one of the life coach books you’ll keep close at hand.
  3. Anatomy of the Human Spirit- I reference this book with clients who’s stress has begun to manifest as illness in their body. I believe that your negative, trapped energy can destroy your organs and this is a perfect life coach book to help your clients measure the importance of releasing negative emotion, fear and stress.

Above The Rest, Top Notch, Must Have, Resources

Well, in my opinion of course.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose- This is not one of your traditional life coach books. I quote it often and suggest my clients read it for themselves. I use A New Earth and The Power of Now, both by Echart Tolle, when I feel that our coaching has become wrapped up in planning for the future. I notice my clients constantly seeChartore. I feel it is important to help my clients find peace, joy and abundance in the present moment. This book provides deep, insightful, perspective on the ego and consciousness. If I could only pick one book, of ALL the life coach books to recommend, this would be my choice.

If you are ever at a loss for how to help a client, this book is a great resource for the core issues your clients will need to master. I also have this book in audio and play it every once in a while around my house, just to pump me up before a session.

A Secret Just For You

No matter what these life coach books say you must, must, must….

Trust your instincts!

Bring YOUR energy, intuition and zest for helping people live their best life, to EVERY session. No book can ignite that fire for you. It’s yours to burn. So heat it up. Share and Shine!

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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    I love the fact that with all the books you suggest is comes back to trusting your instincts. I don’t think we give enough credit to ourselves in the arena of instinct. It takes a bold stance to go with your “gut” and you’ll either move the conversation ahead light years or you’ll find another approach. Go boldly where no man has gone before! 😉

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