Is There a Transformational Coaching Certification?

Can you transform your life with a transformational coaching certification? Can you help transform the lives of others with this type of certification? Where do you find this type of training? Why would you even take this kind of coach training?

Transformational Coaching Certification
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What is a Transformational Coach?

Transformational coaching is very similar to life coaching – they both involve processes that help better improve their lives and better themselves. But, some coaching experts see differences. While life coaching focuses on helping change the way people act – by overcoming obstacles, identifying goals, and creating strategic plans – transformational coaching helps clients change the way they see themselves – improving self-image, perceptions about self-worth, and increasing self-confidence.

You can help empower people to learn to be the change they, not only want to see in their own lives, but also in the community and the world!

Transformational Coaching Goes Beyond Life Coaching

Though goals and dreams are essential to achieving what people want, they can also have a possible negative effect on people. What happens when someone has identified goals, attempted to realize their dreams, and worked hard on action plans to get where they want, but has not accomplished what they desired? Frustration, disappointment, and even depression can follow. This is where a transformational coach can help. This is where you can help if you pursue a transformational coaching certification.

Is There a Transformational Coaching Certification?

Though I don’t see this as a highly-defined field or niche within the coaching industry, there are ICF-accredited programs that use the word “transformational” in the certification process. If you are seeking some type of transformational coach certification, then you would be smart to look to the ICF or some other governing body in the coaching world.

There are many programs that use transformational in their titles – take your time to research these programs and see if they truly offer transformational training and results so you can be the coach you want to be.

Why Coaching for Transformation?

Why not be a regular life coach? Why go to the extra trouble to learn about transformational coaching?

In one word – “depth.”

Transformational coaching is meant to go deeper into the individual’s psyche. By finding the right transformational coaching certification program, you will undoubtedly learn more coaching techniques to help clients improve their self-image and better their lives.

Transformational coach training will most likely touch on the fields of psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, counseling, sociology, and of course, life coaching. It is this broad base of knowledge that allows you to go deeper with a client and truly create some amazing results.

Start Your Career as a Transformational Coach Now

Though it’s not a highly-defined category within the coaching world, you can pursue a goal of becoming a transformational coach by seeking out coaching programs that offer something resembling a transformational coaching certification. You can place yourself on the cutting edge of coaching by helping clients not only make changes in their lives, but to make complete transformations.

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