How to Coach Celebrities: Life Coaching For The Rich And Famous

Just because someone appears successful, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t benefit from life coaching. When it comes to coaching celebrities, there are some things you must be wary of if you want to deliver great value and make an impact. Here is the inside scoop that you won’t learn from the tabloids.

Life Coaching Do’s And Don’ts For Celebrities

1. Make sure you check your nerves at the door. If you are worried about yourself, you can’t be there for your client 100%.
2. Establish rapport be asking questions about your clients, and complimenting them on something that most people don’t recognize. You can try out this idea by complimenting your doctor on her/his waiting newly remodeled waiting room on your next visit.
3. Don’t ask for autographs. This goes without saying, but the point here is that if you are ‘star struck’ you won’t be willing to risk rapport to call them out when you see something that needs to be addressed.
4. Realize that everyone has limiting beliefs, paradigms of how the world looks, and other things that keep them from realizing what they really want. When limiting beliefs come up, come along side your clients and work with them. Don’t diminish or otherwise enable them.
5. Maintain confidentiality at all costs. As much as you may like to share with your friends and family about one of your life coaching celebrities, that subject is completely off limits. No one even needs to know a name.

Being Authentic Without Being Gushy

Above all, the key to life coaching celebrities is to be authentic. Don’t try to play it cool or suck up to your clients. Be present for them, and give them the space to work on what matters most to them. Be willing to risk everything so your client can live the life he or she wants. Asking yourself before each session whether you need to coach that person for any reason will help you let go of anything that might keep you from truly serving. If you ever get stuck, make sure you address it with your own coach before you get on the call. That way you will be able focus on making a difference for your client, instead of making a name for yourself.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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    Right now I am interested in working for celebrities. Would you help me?

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