Coaching Tips – Using Guarantees to Increase Commitment

In these days of consumers’ rights, it might seem reasonable to offer guarantees in your coaching. But if you don’t handle them right, guarantees can significantly reduce your clients’ chances for success. Here are some coaching tips for increasing client commitment and therefore their chances for success.

“Wiggle Room” Will Kill Your Coaching Results

Successful coaching is built on absolute commitment to the coaching process from both the client and the coach. This process can include many uncomfortable moments as the coach helps the client confront reality and work through to transformation. Coaching guarantees introduce a “if I don’t like it, I can get my money back” mentality. And it gives the client “wiggle room” so the client can avoid the pain, and blame you when results don’t meet expectations.

The Best Evidence for Future Success is Past Success

If your prospective client is new to coaching and is looking for reassurance that they can benefit from coaching, your past success is the only real evidence of this. It is far more impressive than a guarantee. For this reason, make sure that you develop a strong track record of success. Take the time to confirm that your clients are satisfied with your service. Go the extra mile to meet their needs. And create a “raving clients” testimonial binder.

Follow these Coaching Tips to Increase Mutual Commitment

If you feel you must include guarantees in coaching as part of your practice, follow these coaching tips and make them a vehicle for mutual commitment.

You might do something like this:

• Remind your client that their results will be in proportion to their level of commitment and effort.

• Tell them that you, as their coach, are completely committed to coaching and helping them achieve their goals.

• Then say that if during the first 30 days of coaching, they are not ready to commit, OR they do not see you fully committed, OR if YOU don’t see them fully committed, then you will have a very candid conversation, and if the required commitment is not there, then the client can leave coaching and receive a refund of coaching fees for the first month less any program induction fees.

The key, to making these coaching tips work for the good of your client and yourself, is to be completely professional and to do a great job for your client in the first month and all the month of their coaching with you.

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