Career Coach Training…investment strategy for the current economy?


Could a career coach training be the best use of your investment money? Have you watched the stock market swing several hundred points up or down in a single day? Even the value investors have been blindsided. The equity in our homes is dropping, more and more companies are going out of business, and the commercial real estate industry is looking for bailout money. Not to mention the mess with the auto industry. It really makes me wonder, is there safe place to invest right now?


With unemployment rates continuing to rise, there is a great opportunity for coaches to make a difference. As a career coach, you can help people assess where they are, get the skills they need, and help them navigate through these uncertain times. A lot of people are living in fear and are looking for a leader. Are you that person who will help change their lives? Who do you need to become and what do you have to own about yourself to know you can do this at will? What could career coach training do for you? You are your greatest asset. If you can teach others how to be unstoppable when times are tough, imagine what they will be able to accomplish when the pendulum swings back to a more prosperous time?


Now is not the time to become a complacent bear, walking into a cave for winter’s hibernation. Did you accomplish the goals you set out to do last year? What about 5 years ago? Are you looking forward to the new year with anticipation and hope? Or fear and dread? It’s time to get a plan of action in place for the upcoming winter months, and a enrolling in career coach training can help you get you on the right path. Before you know it, it will be spring, and the season of opportunity. Get ready!


Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach


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