Career Coach Academy—Surprising New Info Revealed

Before I get into the surprising new trend setting information I found out about Career Coach Academy, I wanted to be sure I understood exactly what a career coach is.

Definition of a Career Coach

I had a vague idea of what a career coach is, but wanted to make sure my assumptions were correct. So far in my research, I have concluded that a career, or job coach, is someone who specializes in helping people to figure out, find and achieve their desired career. I can imagine with today’s economy and so many people looking for jobs, not to mention all the people who are unhappy with their jobs and want a change, that career coaches are kept pretty busy.

Clients hiring a career coach would, in general, expect help with:

  • Finding a job (including all the trappings that goes along with it, such as where to look, resumes, interview etiquette, etcetera).
  • Getting clarity on what the real problems are in the client’s present job, determining if a change is really necessary, and if not, helping them come up with solutions to the core difficulties.
  • Making a career change to a more fulfilling job.

You will learn to do all of the above if you take a certificate course at Career Coach Academy.

However, if you are already a career coach running your own business or academy, read on to find out what more I discovered regarding Career Coach Academy.

So What’s The Surprise at Career Coach Academy?

The surprise, and what you should sit up and take notice of, is the niche courses that Career Coach Academy offers in social media.

Career Coach Academy offers three social media packages called:

  • Social Networking Career Strategist which focuses on the value of Facebook to find jobs.
  • Microblogging Career Strategist which focuses on teaching you about Twitter.
  • Online Professional Networking Strategist which focuses on the ins-and-outs of LinkedIn.

None of the social media courses at Career Coach Academy certify you as a career coach, however, they can be used as credits toward one of their certified courses.

As far as I can tell, this is the first career coaching academy or school that I’ve found who gives specialized niche training in social media and how to utilize it to generate revenue streams for career coaching businesses.

Staying Ahead In The Game

Social media is no longer an up and coming presence, not only in the career coaching industry, but in all our lives. It also baffles many people as how to use it. As a career coach leveraging the social media trend to your advantage seems like a very valuable tool.

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Spiritual Growth Coach
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