8 Tips For Creating a Life Coach Facebook Page

Does a coach need a life coach Facebook page? Does a bear…well, you know the rest of that old saying. Yes, a life coach should have a Facebook page.

Social media is an incredible, free tool for promoting your life coaching practice. You absolutely must develop a social media strategy if you want to keep up with the competition.

How to you create and develop a life coach Facebook page that attracts visitors and fans other than your family and friends? Is it worth the hassle? Here are a few suggest to begin on Facebook; don’t forget to make use of other popular social media sites, such as Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.

8 Tips For Creating a Life Coach Facebook Page

  1. Set aside some time to do it right. It’s not really that difficult to create a Facebook page for your business. However, it is important to set aside some free time. Don’t try to create it while you are talking on the phone with a client or while watching the big game on TV. Focus on the task as hand and the task will be much easier.
  2. Don’t use your personal Facebook account. Always keep your personal and business life separate. You don’t want potential clients viewing your family photos, catching your party snapshots, or reading the inappropriate jokes you send to or receive from friends. Set up an account that is completely distinct and then use it to set up your life coach Facebook page.
  3. Get a new email account. This one goes along with Step 2: create a new email account – through gmail or something similar. This maintains the integrity of the separation between your personal Facebook persona and your business Facebook persona.
  4. Create your Facebook page. Facebook makes this easy – just go to Facebook and click on “Create Page” You also need to select a page name, so do this with SEO in mind. The name you choose can affect your Google ranking; it is important to select keywords on your life coach Facebook page that are relevant to your life coaching business. If you are in a niche, make it relevant to that niche so people can find you.
  5. Create a cover and profile image. Though this may seem unimportant, but these images will be your brand on Facebook. It is easy to create one with programs like Photoshop or Gimp. Your image should not be an advertisement, but you can certainly have one with your business name, or a relevant image or picture. Be creative – this image will show up when you post or comment on Facebook.
  6. Create your page and describe your business. This is where you tell everyone who you are as a coach and what you offer. Keep the descriptions simple and the paragraphs very short. Remember to use plenty of relevant keywords, but don’t make it so keyword dense that it sounds like a list of keywords. Good quality keywords will help your page be optimized for search engines. The more specific the keyword, the better. Just using “coach” as a keyword, will not limit the competition. Instead, use something that describes your business more specifically (executive life coach, etc.)
  7. Invite people to your page. This is where that new email, the one separate from your personal email, comes in to play. You can invite all the people in your address book to your new life coach Facebook page and also use this email for new contacts.
  8.  Add interesting content. You should, on a regular basis, post content to your life coaching Facebook page that people will enjoy and find interesting. This content may inspire people to discuss and share with friends. This is exactly want you want– word of mouth promotion for your life coach Facebook page and your coaching business.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Sherill says

    I agree that a coach needs a facebook page. It not only promotes your practice but is a venue for you to be able to reach out to your clients. Thanks for the tips, will surely use them.

  2. Hanna says

    Great tips for a life coach Facebook page. For those coaches who aren’t that tech savvy, here are some useful tips to follow for you to capture an even bigger market!

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