3 Ways To End Coaching Career “Coach Potato” Syndrome

As your coaching career grows, beware becoming a “coach potato. No different in meaning and consequences from the original “couch potato” syndrome, you know you are becoming a “coach potato” when you find yourself sitting endlessly at your computer or on the phone. If you find yourself eating meals at your desk, delaying bathroom breaks until you’ve finished that last paragraph, sitting on your butt through call after call, and working tirelessly on your computer doing research on your niche, writing notes, reviewing calls and creating programming and marketing for your career and business, you should seriously consider the following 3 tips.

Get A Headset

It’s very likely that your coaching career requires you to spend many hours on the phone each week. You have the option of using the speakerphone button on your phone, but that is likely to lead to problems in you and your client hearing each other. So not to beat around the bush, get a headset–a wireless one if you can. That way you can coach standing up, from anywhere in your office, and not miss a word or vocal nuance from your client. You may even be able to hear better through your headset. As a bonus, you’ll also avoid the neck problems that can accompany holding a phone in place with your chin or jaw when you need both hands for something else.

Your Coaching Career Will Benefit From Movement

Move around while you coach. Now that you have a headset, this is doable. Not only will moving around prevent the coach potato’s expanding derriere problem, but it will improve your coaching. Being on your feet and moving while you coach will amplify intention and focus in your coaching by getting your while body involved. Just like you wouldn’t do a success ritual sitting down, you shouldn’t coach sitting down. Your coach’s career will benefit and your body will thank you.

Take Periodic Breaks

Studies have shown that it’s difficult to focus on any task for more than 1 ½, or maximum 2 hours. In order for your coaching career to be successful, you have to be fully focused on every session you do, and your creative and marketing work has to be top notch. So schedule yourself a break every hour or ninety minutes to increase your ability to concentrate. Meanwhile, use the time to do a few minutes of stretches, yoga positions, jumping jacks, or whatever whatever suits your fancy. You can kill two birds with one stone!

If you aren’t already doing them, use these 3 tips to prevent “coach potato” syndrome in your coaching career. You might find that you are rewarded with increased productivity and energy as a bonus.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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