Why Telephonic Health Coaching Jobs are Great Gigs

What are telephonic health coaching jobs? Are they something that can be obtained by certified health coaches? Are they something that makes money, and are they jobs that are worth checking out?

Health Coaching
Health Coaching

If you are looking for something that offers convenience and is free of commuter issues yet still offers the opportunity to be involved with health coaching, then telephone jobs should certainly be considered. In our modern times, health coaching can be done in-person, online, or on the phone.

Telephonic Heath Coaching Jobs Do Exist

Taking a quick look around the Internet on jobs sites, such as Indeed, Career Builder, and Job.com, it’s easy to see that telephonic health coaching jobs do exist. Looking at Indeed.com right now and I see several jobs that involve telephonic health coaching services. Some of the them combine telephone and in-person health coaching, but many also seem to be only telephonic in nature. There seems to be a variety of jobs available, and if health coaching is your passion, then it’s worth looking for these types of jobs. Telephonic jobs are often home employment, and they offer plenty of convenience and opportunity.

The Types of Health Coaching Jobs

What types of telephonic health coaching jobs are available? It looks like they include regular health coaching over the phone, telephonic disease management, supervisor, coordinator, promoter, educator, and more. Basically, everything that a health coach or a health consultant can do, can be done over the phone and is available as a telephonic health coaching job.

You can also find jobs that specialize in certain aspects of health coaching. A quick search finds jobs for health coaching with diabetics, for individuals who want to lose weight, for people recovering from physical injury or surgery, for smokers and recovering alcoholics, and for people looking to develop healthy nutritional habits.

Just about anything that can be done in person or online can also be done over the phone.

The Telephone Does Not Replace the One-on-One Session

Though telephonic jobs are readily available, the one-on-one session will never be completely replaced by the phone or the Internet. Communication within the context of an in-person meeting is better and more apparent, and some outcomes can only be reached when the coach and client are in the same room. However, many aspects of health coaching can be discussed and solved over the phone. The telephone also offers an excellent supplement to in-person health coaching.

Sharpen Your Coaching Skills on the Phone

Telephonic health coaching jobs are also great for improving your coaching skills. The more you work on your skills and the more experience you have, the better your coaching will be. Telephonic coach jobs are a convenient way to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, experience new situations and issues, and discover new ways to find outcomes for more clients.

These jobs also make money. Though you certainly make more money by having a traditional coaching business model, telephonic jobs offer decent pay and the ability to avoid commuter and overhead costs. Not a bad gig, if you can get – and you can get it because they are available right now!

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