Why is a Wellness Coaching Certification Essential?

Is a wellness coaching certification needed to become a wellness coach? You can peruse the Internet and find all types of advice on how to become a coach. The advice ranges from no training or education is necessary at all – just get out there and do it – to get all the training and certifications you can before you hang out a sign and call yourself a wellness coach.

What advice should you follow? Should you spend the time and money getting a wellness coaching certification, or do you think your own knowledge and experience is enough to make you an expert in the field? Though there are many people who could certainly be good coaches without taking any formal programs or earning any fancy certifications, it is undeniable that education and training help improve skills, knowledge, and coaching ability. Before you think that you can become a coach without the education or the certification, it might be time to pause and think again.

10 Reason a Wellness Coaching Certification is Essential

  1. Certification establishes a minimum standard for accrediting and credentialing professional wellness coaches.
  2. That fancy framed certification is more than a pretty picture – it informs the public that yo meet or exceed minimum standards.
  3. Being certified also assures the public that you have pursued at least some minimum level of education and training.
  4. In a growing industry, being certified meets the growing demand of clients to only hire professionally trained wellness coaches who are set apart from other individuals entering the coaching profession.
  5. Getting the training and the wellness coaching certification ensures that a professional network of credentialed coaches is established.
  6. As the industry matures and grows, being credentialed and accredited will become more vital to your success as a coach. Did you know that until the late 1800s, many lawyers did not attend law school. Most individuals became lawyers through independent study and apprenticeship, an avenue that is still legally possible today. But, do you know any lawyers who didn’t attend law school – it just doesn’t happen any longer. This will eventually happen to the coaching profession.
  7. Though there are no national standards for coaches, professional standards for education and training are most likely on the horizon. A wellness coach certification will meet those future standards.
  8. With a wellness coaching certification, you clients will automatically think you are smart. Hey – it sounds absurd, but degrees are part of the perception.
  9. Without that piece of paper, your status amongst your peers may be reduced. Once again, perception is reality and a piece of paper can change perceptions.
  10. Not only will clients think you are a better coach, and peers will give you more respect, but you will have a measure of self-respect when you earn a wellness coaching certification – a self-respect that will make you a more confident and complete coach.

There are currently teams of industry and academic leaders who have begun to build a consensus on much-needed national standards for the competencies and training needed for the certification of wellness coaches.

While national standards, education and certification for wellness coaches are not yet established, the consensus from experts is that such a body of knowledge and skills should include: Science-based coaching knowledge and skills built upon psychological and behavioral processes of change and development; and evidence-based lifestyle and integrative health interventions for disease prevention and wellness.

The Mentor Coach Wellness Coaching Master Classes have been created to give participants the professional hours of wellness coach training that exceed what are thought to be the minimum required knowledge and skills that are necessary in this field.

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  1. Katrina says

    I agree that one should acquire a wellness coaching certification before he becomes a wellness coach. How can your clients be assured that you know what you are talking about without any kind of formal education beforehand?

  2. Natalie says

    Certification is important. No matter how knowledgeable you think you are, it is still best to get a wellness certification if you would like to become a wellness coach. It sets you apart from the many aspiring coaches.

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