Why Choose Christian Coaching Certification?

Here are three good reasons why Christian coaching certification might be the right choice for you.

Christian Coaching Certification Is Good for the Soul

Christian coaching is a mix of solid coaching practice with fundamental Christian principles. As Christians, both you and your client are working from the same page. You can draw on a common set of teachings that your client has probably accepted since they were a child. You know that love and forgiveness are core beliefs for each of you, and by tapping into these beliefs, you can connect with your client at a deep level with profound impact.

Certification Can Set You Apart

Because anyone can call themselves a Christian coach, by going for Christian coaching certification from a well recognized program you can have instant credibility that will help you step into a leadership role in church communities and organizations. But to have this impact you must choose your certification program well. First, you might want to select a program that is explicit in its religious orientation. Second look for one that has a track record of turning out successful coaches who have successful clients. Then, as , I vote for programs with a heavy component of coaching and being coached. Don’t be fooled by a fancy website with nothing behind it. Ask for references. Call graduates and ask all the tough questions that you’ve got.

Christian Coaching Connects You with a Great Market

As implied above your Christian coaching certification can potentially open the door to a well defined target market of fine people with a predisposition to getting “coached” by their clerics. Whether it’s at the receiving end of a Sunday sermon or in the confessional, Christians are generally open to being helped. They know that they have divine potential, and that they fall short. What is more, Christians are also pretty easy to find. You will find them “flocking” most every Sunday morning.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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