What is Zarvos Life Coaching?

Zavros life coaching – is it a scam, a cult, or a legitimate method that can help you achieve your goals in life and get what you want? Will it change your life?

According to their website, Zarvos Leadership and Coaching offers a “transformational coaching curriculum for anyone seeking new levels of personal fulfillment and success.”

Zarvos Life Coaching was founded by Jim and Nora Zarvos. Jim Zarvos is the founder of Paradigm Consulting International, a coaching and consulting firm which specializes in executive coaching. Nora has worked for many years in the fields of education and human services, along with founding a transformational coaching firm in Spain.

Zarvos Life Coaching offers a curriculum that helps participants get from where they are to where they want to be. It helps them challenge their current internal road maps and helps them develop new ones that can transport them to their goals and dreams.

Zarvos Life Coaching – Does it Work?

Most people will do some research online before signing up for any type of program. If you don’t take the time to research, as easy as it is in today’s digital age, you might as well just toss your money in the trash bin. So, what’s the research say about Zarvos?

Online testimonials and reviews are quite mixed about Zarvos and their life coaching methods. Some called it a scam, some a cult, while others thought it was truly transformational. Like many intense programs, it is probably not for anyone. You have to want to change – it is not something you should approach with a casual attitude.

Zarvos Life Coaching is all about “breaking through.” For those who give it a chance, it can truly be transformational.

It begins with Breaking Through Part I. This part of the curriculum helps participants redefine what matters, what doesn’t matter, and what should matter. You can explore the underlying beliefs which rule your life and then seek out ways to redesign them. You will be able to create a new map for success.

Breaking Through Part II builds on what was learned and accomplished in Breaking Through Part I. Participants are empowered to realize their true value by focusing on responsibility, commitment, authenticity, and contribution. What is learned here can lead to sustainable change and new levels of success and happiness.

The final step towards true happiness and fulfillment in the Zarvos program is called Vision in Action. It takes the insights learned in the two parts of Breaking Through and helps participants put them in to action in their daily lives. It is a three-month program that focuses on teamwork, community service, personal accomplishment, and the power to transform yourself and others.

Is Zarvis for Life Coaches?

The Zarvos Life Coach curiculum is for anyone who wants to transform their lives. Coaches can learn how to transform their own lives and the lives of others (their clients). But, coaches before you jump and spend the money, take some time to do your due diligence online.

You will find good reviews and bad reviews. You’ll find people who loved it and people who hated it. You’ll find those who call it a scam, those who think people who went through it are members of a cult, and you’ll find plenty of reviews from people who swear that it was transformational. But, there is much more positive noise than negative noise – something must be working for those people who take the Zarvos program.

In the end, it is up to you to find out all you can about it. Zarvos has been around for some time and has achieved a level of success unknown to most people, so something must be going right. Is Zarvos Life Coaching right for you? Only you, and your diligent research know the answer.

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  1. Karen says

    Research indeed needs to be done before enrolling or getting into any coaching program. If the good reviews outweigh the bad ones then Zarvos Life Coaching can be a possible program to enter. Knowing what you intend to learn and what results you want to come out of enrolling in a certain program is ideal, to make sure that what you are getting into is worth it.

  2. Sherill says

    Enrolling in any coaching program requires careful research and Zarvos Life Coaching is no different. Checking on those who have enrolled in their seminars and getting first hand information about this program is the best thing that one can do.

  3. Erin Burgess says

    I took every class they offer. I found Breaking Through 1 & 2 to be the most beneficial. I would highly recommend them. I think it is some of the best money I have ever spent.

  4. Laura Hanks says

    Zarvos is a life changing experience, pulling you out of your comfort zone to reimerge into a better, serving, human being. My advice is to definitely find a way to give yourself this gift. My husband, daughter and I have all taken it and it has changed our lives. What matters in your life?

  5. Kim Hurd says

    I attended Breaking Through 1 and 2 in 2016 and then made the choice to continue on with Vision in Action. It has been life changing for me and my family. I have tools now that allow me to live in excellence every day of my life. I was in a good spot before I enrolled but now I see possibilities all around me. I moved from surviving each day to truly living. I would highly recommend this program to others. Had I known the impact it would have on my life and on my family, I would have enrolled years ago.

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