What is Velocity Life Coaching?

Velocity Life Coaching is a coaching practice based out of Chandler, Arizona. It is owned by Marty McIntire and has been in business since January, 2012. Corporate registration was filed in February of 2013 with the state of Arizona. The last update was in 2014, but I do not see any notes on dissolution or termination.

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Velocity Life Coaching

What Does Velocity Life Coaching Do?

Velocity is a life coaching practice that covers relationships, marriage, transition, and career. Marty is a Christian and has a profound Christian-centered compassion for his clients. He also works as the Director of International Programs at Phoenix Christian preparatory School and is also a pastor. If you are seeking Christian-centered coaching, Marty McIntire and Velocity is a good choice.

Finding Velocity Online

I couldn’t find a website for Velocity Life Coaching, but I did find Marty McIntire and Velocity mentioned on several sites. I also found Facebook and Linkedin pages for Velocity coaching.

It seems as if Velocity is still in business, but the last comment on the Facebook page is from 2013. However, the Linkedin page seems up to date. I also found a few other mentions on various sites detailing coaching and counseling in the Phoenix area.

If you need relationship, marriage, transition, or career coaching, it might be worth a try to see if Mr. McIntire is still practicing in the Phoenix area – I didn’t find any negative comments or reviews so it seems that his good reputation is intact!

How Life Coaching Works

Most life coaches focus on change and growth. The objective is to identify needed areas of change and goals. Once change areas and goals are identified, the coach and the client work together to create a strategic action plan with easily identified and measured steps. A coach will also help provide structure and methods of accountability. Coaching creates action and action produces change – change is the ultimate goal of coaching as change can bring improvement, satisfaction, achievement, and life contentment.

Velocity Life Coaching works within the framework of coaching to help their clients identify and achieve goals.

Start Your Coaching Business Now

Marty McIntire started Velocity Life Coaching, and you can start your own coaching practice, too. It’s a great career and offers both financial benefits and personal satisfaction. You get to make money, establish yourself as a professional, and help others at the same time. You also get to own your own business, determine your own schedule, and be your own boss!

As great as coaching is, it’s not an easy gig. Learning the needed skills takes time and effort, and establishing a coaching practice takes commitment, patience, and plenty of good old-fashioned hard work! Like any business, there will be ups and downs, but becoming a coach is worth the effort!

You probably can’t call yourself a Velocity life coach, since that name has already been taken, but you can choose the right name for your coaching practice and set out on a rewarding and satisfying career as a life coach!

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  1. Lynne says

    Velocity Life Coaching maybe something I want to explore more. Thanks for the advice. It being part of Life Coaching has made me want to explore my options and see how I can learn from it. Thanks!

  2. Wendy says

    This is really great! Maybe someday I can create my own practice and focus on what I think my clients will want to know more about. Thanks for the article!

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