What Opportunities Are There in a Wellness Coach Career?

A wellness coach career will put you in one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. The health and wellness field is hot – the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the field will grow 25% more than the average industry over the next several years. Wellness Coaches Mean Prevention With estimates of 50-75% of health care costs due to preventable diseases related to lifestyle behaviors, a wellness coach offers the potential for affordable solutions for individuals, companies, and … [Read more...]

Push Your Wellness Coach Salary Beyond the $100,000 Mark

Do you want a $100,000 wellness coach salary? Or how about a salary that goes above and beyond the $100,000 figure? Is it even possible? Rich Coach Poor Coach Some coaches do well and some coaches fail. Some coaches make great money while others struggle to make ends meet. The difference between success and failure or between rich and poor can be razor thin. There are many factors that determine success, including: How well you coach. How well you choose your target market. How … [Read more...]

4 Top Wellness Coach Programs

Wellness coaching is booming and a number of wellness coach programs have popped up to offer certifications for individuals seeking to enter this growing and dynamic field. Why Become a Wellness Coach? The CDC reports that more than 66% of American adults are overweight or obese. In addition to people who are obese or overweight, there are millions of Americans who want to get in better shape or begin learning healthy habits so they can live healthier and longer lives. That’s a large … [Read more...]

What is the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching Certification?

You’ve probably heard of the Mayo Clinic, but have you heard of the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching Certification? It is an 11-session course through the Mayo School of Health Science and is also called the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training program. Who is the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching Certification For? The health coaching certification is for students who want to work as health and wellness coaches in diverse settings. It uses both on-site and online training to fully maximize the … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching Careers Are In Demand

As people age yet still want to live active lives, wellness coaching jobs will become even more in demand. People are seeking information, assistance, and new ways to defy aging and stay well and active as love as possible. What is Wellness Coaching? At its core, wellness coaching is about helping people Improve their health and enhance their well-being. Most people hire a wellness coach because they are struggling with specific issues, such as weight, specific health concerns, or other … [Read more...]

Careers for the 21st Century – Wellness Coach Jobs

What do you think the prospect for wellness coach jobs will be in the future? Well, I’m not good at predicting future events (if I was good at it, I’d be in Vegas right now instead of here writing this), but I imagine it’s pretty good odds that wellness coaching jobs will be in demand in the short and long terms. Trends for the Wellness Coaching Industry To understand how explosive the wellness coaching industry will be in the future, all you need to do is look at the numbers. There are 75 … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching Careers – Health Coaching Can Save the World

Wellness coaching careers – health coaching and more are well positioned to be one of the best emerging careers of the next several decades. That’s because they can be the solution to one of the greatest problems facing us in the 21st century. The Coming Health Crisis Too many people are unhealthy. Too many people are overweight, obese, diabetic, suffering from hypertension, heart conditions, and more. All this is happening at the same time that more people are expressing an interest and … [Read more...]

What is Virtual Health Coaching?

What is virtual health coaching software? Can it help you grow and expand your coaching business? If you are a health coach, have you expanded your business to include online coaching? If not – why not? Your Health Coaching Business Should be Online Have you said to yourself: “I don't really need a website.” Or, “I don't know anything about running an online business or using social media or setting up an email newsletter, or posting videos of my training.” These are some of the most … [Read more...]

Where to Find Free Online Coaching Research and Information

Looking to do a little online coaching research? It's not hard to find information about coaching with Google and a few clicks of your mouse. In fact, information is everywhere – weeding through the useless information to find something that is meaningful is more of a problem. Where to Find Free Online Coaching Information The best place to do online coaching research is YouTube. You can find most everything on YouTube, including information about coaching. If you put “coaching … [Read more...]

The Secrets of Vibrant Wellness Health Coaching

Vibrant wellness health coaching is all about reaching your maximum health potential and living a life of vibrancy and joy. A vibrant wellness health coach will integrate health, life, relationship, abundance, and other segments of the coaching industry into one all-encompassing coaching practice. The Many Facets of Vibrant Wellness Health Coaching Coaching vibrant health means you need to not only integrate many types of coaching, you also need to integrate many aspects of health and … [Read more...]