Success Coaching Essentials: Coaching for Success Without Walls

Even coaches who are coaching for success have limiting beliefs. It’s universal. And that’s the very reason we all need success coaching. The most common limiting belief people have is that they are unworthy or unloved. And let’s face it; some people are better than others at hiding it. We see these limiting beliefs being played out in our success coaching superstars and our success coaching ‘dropouts’. But coaching for success needs to address your clients’ core beliefs they can ever get the results they want.

Success Coaching Plays on People’s Fear of Failure to Achieve the Best Coaching for Success

The most important success coaching distinction is that people say to themselves that they will do whatever it takes to avoid failing at anything. Perhaps it’s just to keep doing the thing that they happened to achieve. We’ve all seen the one hit wonders on the pop charts. Clients who enroll in coaching for success usually have the primary fear that if they fail externally, their deepest internal fear will be visible to everyone. And for most people this is completely subconscious.

And while this is a common thread among success coaching clients as well as coaches, we all have a unique belief. That belief is connected with our own set of specific patterns such as language we see or hear about that belief, as well as how our body reacts to that belief. For some people it’s tension in their shoulders, for others it might be stomach problems. Coaching for success means uncovering the unique pattern and then defusing it.

Coaching for Success Involves Understanding What Stops Your Client from Acting Outside of Success Coaching

When coaching for success you need to understand why your clients don’t take action. It’s almost like a circuit breaker in a house. If too much power is surging through the power lines, the energy shuts itself off. The reason why your success coaching clients don’t do what they know they need to do to succeed is that they have a circuit breaker in their body. They are hard-wired so that if they start getting too healthy, making too much money, or having too much success; they shut down. Instead of risking the internal pain if things don’t work, they would rather not try at all. So we never really move forward. We ride through life with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. It’s a rough ride. And it’s one stop short of death.

And without your expertise, your success coaching clients are doomed to fail. Not just externally, internally as well. They will never take the risk and have the chance to succeed. Coaching for success is about helping your clients take the risks, so they can at least learn from the process even if they don’t achieve their goal. At least they’ve lived, and will be better prepared for the next opportunity. At the very least you will be there to give them a pat on the back for overcoming their beliefs that would have otherwise kept them from seeking to carve out their own destiny.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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