Start Life Coaching Business Booming With Strategic Partners And Joint Ventures

Start Life Coaching Business The Fastest Way Possible

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Life coaching business doesn’t have to be hard to get when you use joint venture partners to help you get your life coaching business started.

When building a coaching practice, most new life coaches try to start life coaching business coming in through only a few ‘old school’ practice building methods:

1.  Networking

2.  Internet marketing

3.  Referrals

4.  Sit at Home and Hope

Unfortunately, most of these methods work only for master salespeople, master geeks, or master marketers, not to mention that they are slow slow slow!  If you want your life coaching business to thrive quickly, then the best way to start life coaching business coming in is to use joint venture strategies with strategic partnerships.

The Way to Start Life Coaching Business?  Why to Use Strategic Partners in Building a Coaching Practice

If you use strategic partners and joint ventures to grow your life coaching business, you’ll tap into the easiest way to find new coaching leads and get prospects excited about working with you.  Partners can help you to figure out whether or not you even want to go into a particular target life coaching business market before you commit your resources.  You also have a chance to practice your techniques without spending your own money to find leads.  Joint venture sales are always the easiest sales to make because they are based upon endorsements, meaning that the partner, who is already respected by their customers, endorses you and passes their credibility across to you.  Now you have credibility with ALL of that joint venture’s clients!  It’s just good business as you start life coaching business coming in to get started without having to worry about building a giant lead generation machine. If you start life coaching business without using joint venture partners, you’ll be hard pressed to get new business.  You won’t have enough exposure to leads to even learn to sell the ones that come in.  You won’t have a chance for the ‘big growth’ that you may desire for your business, and you’ll probably go broke trying to grow your business (because leads cost so much in advertising dollars).

What Are Strategic Partnerships in a Life Coaching Business?

As you start life coaching business coming in, strategic and joint venture partnerships in a life coaching business is getting together with other people and figuring out how you can bring each other business.  More specifically, joint venture partnerships in terms of building a coaching practice is mostly about finding businesses that provide training, seminars, home study courses, or other products and services to the types of customers that want and need a coach like you. Think of building a coaching practice with joint venture partnership like having a no holds barred Le-Tip or BNI group.  You can find anyone you want to work with and the only limit is how much you can give each other at the time.

<<Listen to 3 coaching masters tell me how they use joint ventures to get life coaching business by clicking the arrow below.>>

How to Start Life Coaching Business Using Joint Venture Partnerships

Here are a few simple steps to building a coaching practice using joint ventures:

  • Ask the question: “Who already has my customer?”  The first step is really about figuring out what types of companies and people already work with the types of life coaching clients that you are looking to work with.  Make a list of them.
  • Contact your list of prospective partners.  The second step is to get in touch with all your prospective partners.  This can take a while because the most valuable partners are busy and they don’t always answer the phone.
  • If you can, lead with the giving hand.  This means that if you have something to offer them, do it.  Get them business (promote them) or get them content (write articles for them, or other content work they may need).
  • Eventually ask them to send you business.  Ask if you can work with their customers by offering select customers a free coaching session, etc.

Start Life Coaching Business Coming in Today

Your first step is to make a list of who already works with your customer, and set up a plan to systematically contact them.  Take this step, and you’ll see how many people there are ‘out there’ that can help you grow your business.  If you can just get one out of ten of them to help you, you’ll have more life coaching clients in your coaching practice than you’ll ever have time to coach.

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

<<Listen to 3 coaching masters tell me how they use joint ventures to get life coaching business by clicking the arrow below.>>

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