Secrets to Getting Top Salary of a Life Coach: Business Coaching Certification the Coaching Schools Don’t Understand

There is one secret technique to getting top salary of a life coach that isn't based upon the ability to psychoanalyse your client, or have some great 'intuition'.  You can't learn this skill with some business coaching certification, nor can you produce great results without it (unless you get top salary of a life coach simply because you are a guru already!) The Secret to Top Salary of a Life Coach: Truth I know it doesn't sound like much, but the TRUTH is seldom the center of the focus when … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors: How Your Coaching Career Can Help Managers & Supervisors

Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors? What if supervisors really did take on the role of being the coach? What kind of results would they get? I wish some of my previous employers had a mandatory coaching skills program for management. This sounds like a great niche for a coaching career. What would it be like if you taught career coaching skills for supervisors? Imagine the difference you could make in a company and the effect on your coaching career. Let’s Take a Look at Some of The … [Read more...]

What Your Career Coaching Business Needs Most (Hint: It’s What Most Career Coach Training Courses Fail to Provide)

Most people don’t start a career coaching business because they want to be rich, but the truth is less than 10% of coaches make more than $100K per year. If you are making less than that and wondering what you are doing wrong, believe me, it’s not lack of career coach training. Being a Good Coach Doesn’t Mean You Will Have a Successful Career Coaching Business The key to a successful career coaching business is not different than any other business. They key is marketing, which is something … [Read more...]

When You Become a Life Coach Who Creates Unstoppable Confidence in Yourself and Your Clients, Your Life Coaching Career Will Really Take Off

How can you become a life coach who instills confidence in their clients? This Secret Will Take Your Life Ccoaching Career From Average to Great Overnight What is Confidence Anyway? How Can You Impact Clients' Confidence During Your Life Coaching Career? Confidence is merely a state of mind you create through your use of three forces that you control: your Language, your Physiology (how you use your body), and your Beliefs. If you become a life coach who can turn your confidence on when … [Read more...]

Wellness Coach Career: Using Skills From Your Career As a Life Coach

Get the Flash Player to see this player. Anyone looking into a wellness coach career with any sense has probably wondered, “How can I do this without a medical background?” “Where’s my credibility?” “Can this coaching course really help me start a wellness coach career in 90 minutes?” How can you transfer your knowledge and skills that you already have from your career as a life coach? There are Several Aspects of a Wellness Coach Career to Consider: Are you a coach who has a medical … [Read more...]

How To Overcome Adversity While You Become a Life Coach? Becoming a Life Coach Who Can Handle Any Situation

Do you ever feel like you are becoming a life coach who is getting stuck, or that a problem comes up that seems too big to handle? It happens to your clients, but not to you, of course! Ultimately, adversity effect all of us, and starting and growing a coaching business is no exception. Your ability to handle adversity can be a great beacon of hope to your clients, or you lack of handling your own adversity can kill any good advice that you do happen to bring your clients as well. These … [Read more...]

How You Can Predict The Salary of a Life Coach: Using it as a Coach Disciplines Us for The Right Plan

How much do you really know on how to increase the salary of a life coach?  After working with hundreds of coaches in the last decade, what I've found is that what most coaches think when it comes to the salary of a life coach is very limited.  Knowing what to expect in the future from the salary of a life coach disciplines us to know how to deal with our finances on our journey to become a coach. Running The Numbers as a Coach Disciplines us for Our Business Plan You've got to run the numbers … [Read more...]

What is a Career Life Coach? Is a Coaching Career You?

A Career Life Coach Can Bring Out The Genius in a Person What is genius? How do we measure it? We have access to IQ tests, and now EQ tests are thought by some to be a more accurate indicator of success. But there is also musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and mathematical intelligence. What would your coaching career look like if everyone you worked with was a genius? Is There a Way a Career Life Coach Can Bring Out the Genius in Their Clients? We know that geniuses play at … [Read more...]

Becoming a Career Coach: Career Coaching Training on How You Can Make Every Coaching Session Your Best

Do you ever wonder about the difference between becoming a career coach who just gets by, and one who can get great results even within a single session? What are the key ingredients to a successful coaching session? These Career Coaching Training Secrets Will Make Becoming a Career Coach Much More Exciting: Career coaching training secret #1 – Find out what your client wants. They key here is becoming a career coach who listens for the needs BEHIND their achievements.  (What are your … [Read more...]