Is a Business and Personal Coach Really a Life Coach For the Businessperson?

Some coaches called themselves a business and personal coach, but isn’t this really another name for a life coach? Well, let’s analyze what each of these coaches do and see what we can figure out.

What is a Business Coach?

There are many definitions of a business coach and you can find many different descriptions online. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) describes business coaching as the process of engaging in regular and structured conversation with an individual or team who is within a business, organization, or government. A business coach is someone who works with business people to help them develop leadership skills, ameliorate skills to manage employees, or nurture skills to succeed in business. Business coaches help their clients achieve goals in the business aspect of their lives.

What is a Personal Coach?

As opposed to a business coach, a personal coach would work with a client to achieve goals in their personal life. A client’s personal life could encompass their financial goals, their relationships, their wellness, or any other aspect of their life that is outside the realm of business. It may even include their career if that exists outside of their current business position.

What is a Life Coach?

Life coaching is all about the client and can cover any aspect of their life. It can include career, relationship, financial, and health. It is all about clients learning to identify, determine, and achieve personal, or life goals. A life coach is sort of the Swiss Army Knife of coaches – they can do it all! Just like a business and personal coach.

What is a Business and Personal Coach?

If we combine the definition of a business coach with that of a personal coach, we get a coach that works with clients in both their business and the personal lives…just like a life coach! So, a business and personal coach is basically a life coach for a business person. They work with both sides of a client’s life – helping them determine and achieve goals in their business life while also helping them identify and reach their goals and dreams outside their business life.

Though, an individual’s business life and personal life can be viewed as separate entities, there is much overlap. For example, someone’s goal may be to achieve financial independence. To achieve this personal goal, business goals can be identified and a pathway can be created that will help the client become more successful in business and make more income. This income boost will help them reach their personal goal of financial independence. Business and personal coaching do go together!

A business and personal coach could also be called a life coach, or a do-it-all coach, or an everything coach. As a niche it is a very large segment and doesn’t really work as niche coaching. But, it opens your coaching up to a large market, one that is totally immersed in the business world, yet one that also works outside of business to help individuals achieve all their goals and dreams – a life coach for the businessperson.

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