How to Tell if Your Relationship Coach is Any Good

Is there a way to tell if your relationship coach is any good? Quantifying success is difficult in a relationship, but there are some common sense ways to measure the effectiveness of your relationship coach.

  • Do you like him or her? When working with someone closely, as you would with a coach, it is important to like them. You are not there to be best friends, but there should be some degree of mutual respect.
  • Is the coach helping you? You may not be able to tell in the first one or two sessions. However, after a few sessions, you should have learned a few things about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. You should have developed some insights into the state of your relationship because of your coach.

So, let’s explore what a relationship coach is.

A relationship works to move couples to a higher level of functioning, and focuses on solving problems, identifying actions, and working toward the future. A relationship coach works to help individuals let go of toxic relationships and to create healthy and happy new connections with people.

Couples use a relationship coach when they are serious about having a successful life partnership, and when they want to move farther along emotionally and personally. Individuals and couples want what they want and will not settle for less – a relationship coach can help them get there!

Does Your Relationship Coach Do This?

For couples, a relationship coach should be working with you on these four important areas. If he or she delves in to these four areas, they are focusing on the correct aspects of a relationship, and are on the right track toward helping improve your relationship.

Love and Respect. Does love really exist in the relationship? If there is no respect, there really is no love. Your relationship coach should be working to find out the levels of love and respect that exist. If these levels are too low, there may be no way to salvage the relationship. This is the true starting point for your work with a coach.

Honesty and Communication. Without honesty and communication, a relationship will suffer severe problems and most likely wither and die, or explode and implode, However, honesty and communication can be improved and ameliorated. Couples can learn how to effectively communicate and how to be honest with each other.

Commitment and Consistency. Couples may define commitment differently, but commitment must be part of the evolution of a relationship. Without commitment, long-term success is nearly impossible. Your relationship coach can work with each partner on understanding commitment. Once an agreeable level of commitment is identified, you and your coach can find ways to enhance that level of commitment. Finding a consistency of commitment over the course of a relationship will help to smooth out the bumps along the way.

Attention and Aggravation. Will couples get aggravated with each other? Of course they will. Your relationship coach will offer suggestions on how to deal with that aggravation. Will couples sometimes fail to pay attention to each other? Once again, of course they will. Your relationship coaching specialist will be able to offer ways to ramp up the level of attention from time to time.

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  1. Karen says

    Very true! Having a relationship coach that you can trust is important as you will be sharing things about yourself that are not easily shared with others.

  2. Claire says

    Great qualities that a relationship coach should have. Having a good relationship coach whom you can trust and who can steer you in the right direction is very important.

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