How to Become a Personal Coach?

Before we answer the question “How to become a personal coach?” let’s answer the question “Just what is a personal coach?” Obviously, a personal coach focuses on the needs of the individual client, and addresses the client’s individual priorities and development goals. It can deal with a wide spectrum of issues from personal struggles and achievement, to the client’s ability to be successful in their relationships and careers – but always from the point of view of the client as an individual.

First, Master the Basics

At this level “How to become a personal coach?” is really “How to become a master coach?” To meet your client’s personal needs you must master assessment, strategy and accountability coaching. We’ve talked about this before. Find a science-based coaching program that mixes large doses of instruction, coaching and being coached. Be much more concerned with the rigor of the program, than with a label of “personal,” “career” or “relationship” coaching.

Second, Focus on Your Client

Once you are a skilled and well-rounded coach, becoming a personal coach is mostly a matter of focus and commitment. That is focus on the personal needs of your client, and commitment to helping them grow and achieve their personal goals. By taking this focus and making this commitment, you are in a sense limiting yourself to viewing the world from your client’s point of view. You don’t need to solve the world’s problems – you need to help your client achieve the goals that they find personally important.

Third, Ask the Question “How to Become a Personal Coach?” and then Be the Answer

At the risk of sounding a little “zen-ny” the answer to the question “How to become a personal coach?” is simply to be one. Once you are a master coach and achieve the focus and make the commitment, it can be as simple as that. Think of yourself as a sports coach for an individual athlete. Everything you do is focused on helping your client to be their personal best at their sport and to achieve their personal goal of winning. It is as simple as that.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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