Executive Coaching Careers are Hot!

Coaching is a dynamic, expanding field and executive coaching careers are hot and getting hotter. Internationally, companies spend approximately $1 billion per year on executive coaches. These coaches work one-on-one with managers and executives to help them perform better and motivate their subordinates. Executive coaching experts help managers improve their interpersonal, sales, leadership, and motivational skills. They also help them set long-term goals or make major structural changes to their organization.

Why are Executive Coaching Careers Hot?

You did see the $1 billion figure in the first paragraph, right? If that’s not enough to get you thinking about an executive coaching career, you should also have noticed that the field is expanding. That $1 billion figure should continue to grow for many years. Executive coaching careers are hot because coaches can not only increase the productivity of individual executives, they can also increase the productivity of entire companies or organizations.

5 Reasons Why Executive Coaching Careers are Booming

  • Huge demand and a growing field.
  • Working with executives is rewarding and exhilarating.
  • Get to work with people who are savvy and successful.
  • Professional and personal satisfaction in a field in which you help others and make good money.
  • Money – yes, you can get your share of that $1 billion pie.

How to Become an Executive Coach

Most executive coaching careers are started by people who have worked in business for many years. These individuals often have their MBA and plenty of experience in corporate America. Stress begins to overwhelm and burn out begins to set in, and the desire to find their dream job becomes to strong to ignore. Coaching is their dream job and executive coaching is a natural fit after leaving the corporate world.

If you have had experience as a manager or executive, you have probably been coaching employees and should able to properly and accurately assess your coaching skills. If you believe you have competent coaching skills, a dedication to bettering the skills you already possess, and you enjoy helping others improve, coaching may be the right move for you.

Once you have decided to make a move, it is absolutely essential that you have the proper coach training. Coaching programs abound and finding the right coaching program takes some research and patience. Look for a program that offers coaching training, has programs geared toward executive or business coaching, offers courses on running a business, has mentor training, and is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). When you find one that looks like a fit, do your due diligence by calling the program, asking questions about their teachers and credentials, and looking for online reviews and testimonials.

Once the training is finished, all executive coaching careers will depend on the quantity and quality of marketing and promotion. For many coaches, marketing is their biggest and most stressful challenge. But, if you don’t market, you will not expose your services to potential clients, and without potential clients, you will never get real, paying clients. When marketing, be visible, be persistent, be creative, and be confident and the clients will come flocking to your door. Executive coaching is hot and will be getting hotter; get in now and get your share of a billion dollar pie!

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