Education Needed to Become a Coach: How Much Education Do You Need to Bring in a Decent Life Coach Salary?

The education needed to become a coach who brings home a decent life coach salary is based on one thing.  Confidence.  Coaching is a confidence based profession.  Most of the education needed to become a coach is proportional to how well you know yourself to begin with.  And we’re all aware that a life coach salary is dependent on how much you feel your services are worth.

Create The Education Needed to Become a Coach with a Good Life Coach Salary

Is there any type of special education needed to become a coach who is good enough to make a decent life coach salary?  The first thing you need to do is create something.  For example, there will be a first time you enroll someone into coaching from a free session, a first time you help someone create a shift in their belief systems that allows them to get a result, a first time you develop and launch a new product or program.  The education needed to become a coach who produces a result for the first time varies from person to person.  And of course until you create something, your life coach salary is going to be zero.

The next stage is to repeat that action.  Sometimes we do something one time and it’s awesome, it’s a lucky break.  You have to prove to yourself that it’s not just a one time event.  Prove to yourself that that action was not a fluke.  When you do anything repeatedly, it’s who you became.  This is the education needed to become a coach who can repeat a result.  Now you have some control over your life coach salary.  The more you are able to repeat the result, the higher your salary.

The final stage is to master the skills.  The education needed to become a coach who has mastered coaching skills is to continue to repeat the activity and look back and make small improvements.  Few people get to this stage, probably because they quit after doing something once and never are able to repeat it because of their beliefs.  Some people will repeat it, but of those who do, most will get bored and move on before they ever get to mastery.  If you want to be world class in anything, focus on mastering the basics.  Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are great examples of people who kept practicing the basics until they achieved a level of mastery.  Once you reach this level, you can decide what you would like your life coach salary to be.

The Education Needed to Become a Coach Begins with You

The education needed to become a coach is dependent on understanding and implementation.  Until you become a coach who can implement coaching skills and technologies, you won’t have a life coach salary.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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  1. Hugh says

    You have brought up a good point. Formal coaching education and certification can be a useful tool but is not a requirement for making a lot of money. Thanks

  2. Jeffrey T. Sooey says

    To become a life coach, you really don’t need (or want) a degree. You’re going to want to learn skills, but you don’t learn skills like that in a classroom. You learn them when you go out and use coaching skills. There are many trainings available and you should choose one that makes sense to you.

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